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Through many ups and downs, Dong Ngac Ancient Village has managed to retain its vestiges, demonstrating rich cultural heritage and traditional fondness for learning of the capital city.

Exploring the ancient village of Duong Lam on weekends

Behind the gate of Mong Phu Village, Duong Lam Village is idyllic and familiar but has a strong attraction.

Ancient culture preserved in Phuoc Loc Tho Village

The village has 22 old wooden houses dating from 80 to 150 years old, restored by talented sculptors, bringing the images of the cultures of three regions of Vietnam.

Thuy Khue – the street of village gates in Hanoi

Wandering around the hustling and bustling streets in Hanoi, visitors will be surprised by ancient and mossy village gates, beside modern buildings. The traditional cultural features are preserved within the village gates.

Serene ambience of Duong Lam historic village attracts visitors

Many people are moved by the vision of Duong Lam's historic village, with its banyan trees, wells and common yards, evoking memories of their youth.

Lose yourself in the rustic splendor of a century-old historic village in Ha Giang

One of Dong Van town’s most popular tourist attractions, the more than 100-year-old Thien Huong historic village in Ha Giang province, draws people from all over the world.

Crunchy roasted pork: A special treat in Duong Lam village

It would be great regret if visitors to Duong Lam Village in Son Tay Town, Hanoi skip the local crunchy roasted pork which is a renowned dish of this village.

Ngai Thau Thuong – highest village in Vietnam

Ngai Thau Thuong, a small village of Bat Xat district, the northern Lao Cai province, is located at 2,300m above the sea level on the cloudy Ma Cha Va peak, and is the highest village in Vietnam.

Time stands still in ancient Cu Da Village

Nestling just 20km from Hanoi to the southwest, Cu Da Village is a unique cultural space with many ancient houses that are still well-preserved with their original architecture intact.

Hanoi village preserves ancient values

Located about 40 kilometres from the centre of Hanoi, Cuu ancient village is distinguished for its peaceful atmosphere and unique architecture.

Cu Da: Museum of suburban craft village architecture

Located by the side of the Nhue River, Cu Da Village in Cu Khe Commune, Thanh Oai District in Hanoi still retains the typical identities of an ancient Vietnamese village.

Exploring prolific vermicelli production in Hanoi’s ancient village

Cu Da vermicelli village in Hanoi is famous for both ancient French-style houses and a long tradition of making vermicelli.

Northern Vietnam, a charming beauty

 VietNamNet Bridge – Terraced rice fields in Yen Bai, tea hills in Thai Nguyen, rocky islands offshore Quang Ninh and ancient villages are typical images of northern Vietnam.

Tug of war game in Ngoc Tri Village, Long Bien District of Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – Located along banks of the Red river, ancient villages in Long Bien still maintain their traditional rituals and games.

Travel company builds Red River tourism as special treat for tourists

 VietNamNet Bridge – Hanoi’s Thang Long GTC One Member Public Limited Company - the only supplier of tourist services on the Hong (Red) River - aims to make the river a special destination for domestic and foreign vacationers,

Hanoi ancient villages preserved through gates

 VietNamNet Bridge – Along the bank of Hanoi’s Nhue River are many villages that still preserve the typical architecture of the countryside of many years ago, particularly old gates.

Five ancient villages in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge - The below ancient villages have an ancient and romantic beauty and they have become the destinations of many tourists.

Even downpours can't dampen spirits on Red River boat tour

 VietNamNet Bridge – Though rain bucketed down last Saturday, the dry board and smiling faces of those joining the cruise made for a great start to our tour along the Hong (Red) River in Ha Noi.