57 years have gone by after the US started to spray some 80 million litres of toxic chemicals, including Agent Orange/dioxin over nearly one quarter of the total area of South Vietnam. 

However, its aftermath is still here until now. Agent Orange victims are days by days battling the diseases caused by the toxic. What’s more, their children are also suffering.

This shabby house is the shelter of war veteran Le Van Huynh’s family for tens of years. Most space in the almost empty house is for his only son, Le Van Hiep. The 25-year-old man cannot move, not mention to eating or talking. 

Nguyen Dang Nhiem’s case is even more miserable. Nhiem is the second generation of the AO dioxin. Both his parents passed away, leaving him all alone.

The supports from the provincial association for AO dioxin victims not only help ease their hardship but also lift up their spiritual life.

Besides 34,000 people exposed to AO dioxin, there are more than 8,000 victims who are the second and third generations in the province. More sympathy and support are much needed to these people.-VNA