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Enjoying the great outdoors around the capital

Hanoi lures tourists with its rich cultural heritage, historic sites and great food, but that isn't all the capital can offer. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests, getting out into the great outdoors has become more and more popular.

Exploring wild sunflowers in bloom in Ba Vi National Park

With the chilly autumn weather being felt throughout the north of the country, thousands of wild sunflowers with their vibrant yellow colour can be seen throughout the mountainous slopes of Ba Vi national park.

Top destinations near Hanoi to enjoy a holiday

Here are some of the best destinations located near to the capital city of Hanoi for visitors to enjoy a day of relaxation for the upcoming National Reunification Day, on April 30, and May Day.

#trashtag challenge accepted in Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – For once, an online viral craze is making a positive change to the world, instead of enticing kids to eat washing up liquid.

Ba Vi draws tree-hugging tourists

 VietNamNet Bridge – Located 48km west of the capital city Hanoi, the serene forest of Ba Vi National Park contains a world of greenery and peace away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

More land taken from natural reserves, national parks

VietNamNet Bridge - Road building projects that would pass through natural reserves have been proposed, while many resorts have been built in national parks. 

The sorrow of the forests

VietNamNet Bridge - Local authorities and investors who are developing road and hydropower projects have promised to plant forests to offset the trees they fell. However, they have failed to keep their word.

Gaur killed in sanctuary placed under strict control

VietNamNet Bridge - A gaur found killed in the Dong Nai Natural Reserve which has been placed under strict control.

Construction of Ba Vi National Park resort suspended

VietNamNet Bridge – Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Cao Duc Phat on Monday asked Viet Nam Administration of Forestry to suspend construction by Le Mont Bavi Resort and Spa in Ba Vi National Park.

Ba Vi National Park bright with wild sunflower

Visiting Ba Vi National Park in Ba Vi district, Hanoi, from October to November, visitors have the chance to witness the sea of bright yellow wild sunflowers.

Ba Vi National Park offers escape from hustle of Hanoi

 VietNamNet Bridge – Ba Vi National Park is the nearest "green world" to the capital city of Hanoi, where nature-lovers can find an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in all four seasons.

Escape the hustle of Ha Noi at scenic Ba Vi National Park

VietNamNet Bridge – As a nature lover, I take a trip to Ba Vi National Park almost once every two months. I am lured not only by the convenient road leading to the nearest "green world" to the capital,