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Being big on nature, I always look out for nice treks in the wild whenever I travel. Returning to Hue for the second time, I had a gut feeling about where I would be going, but was still amazed by the natural gems awaiting in Bach Ma National Park.

Exploring breathtaking scenery from Bach Ma mountain peak

With an epic 20 km-long road leading to the peak of Bach Ma mountain, visitors are able to savour an array of scenic views including majestic mountains, forests, streams, and clouds.

Spectacular views of Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien Hue has proved a popular destination among visitors due to its spectacularly stunning views and natural landscapes that can be enjoyed from the peak of Bach Ma mountain.

Hue is to take land of national park for tourism construction

A fresh controversy has broken out as local authorities in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue plan to take almost 400 hectares from the core zone of local Bach Ma National Park to develop a tourism complex.

Hue national park releases rare animals into the wild

 VietNamNet Bridge – Bach Ma National Park in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue has released five mammals and two reptiles back into the wild after rescuing and rehabilitating them.

I know why free birds sing

 VietNamNet Bridge – A trip to Lang Co Beach in central Viet Nam can stir your soul and rekindle your romantic spirit, 

National park guide talks to the birds

No one guards and protects Bach Ma National Park more zealously than the director of its service and environmental education centre who once hunted animals and cut down trees in the forest to earn a living. 

Bach Ma Park to host saola breeding centre

The Bach Ma National Park has been selected as the site for the world’s only breeding centre for the saola, the extremely elusive forest-dwelling bovine only found in the forests of Viet Nam and Laos.

Ecotourism project could damage national park

VietNamNet Bridge - An ecological & spiritual tourism development project in Bach Ma could damage the national park, experts say. 

Highway project causes diversity loss for forest

The construction of Cam Lo-Tuy Loan highway crossing through Bach Ma National Park, central Thua Thien Hue Province will have an adverse effect on ecology; however, there is no other choice for the location of the project,

Highway tears national park apart

VietNamNet Bridge - The Bach Ma National Park and Phong Dien Natural Sanctuary are at high risk as a highway is expected to go through them and damage local biodiversity.

Forest surveys support police law enforcement, conservation success

 VietNamNet Bridge – Results from the application of standardised biodiversity surveys in forests in Viet Nam and southern Laos will help law enforcement and conversation officials take action to protect wildlife.

Stunning views in Lang Co Bay

 VietNamNet Bridge – Located between Danang and Hue cities on the central coast, Lang Co Bay offers a wonderful landscape created by both nature and man.

Cool climate at Bach Ma Park

 VietNamNet Bridge – Bach Ma National Park is considered one of the mountainous areas known for the most comfortable atmosphere in Indochina.

Bach Ma National Park strives to protect biological diversity

 VietNamNet Bridge – Bach Ma National Park in central Thue Thien-Hue Province has organised a series of activities to protect its biological diversity.

Hue renews efforts to boost tourism

 VietNamNet Bridge – While Hue is offering discount tour packages in an attempt to lure visitors during the low season, more should be invested in the programme to ensure its success.

Bach Ma National Park preserves valuable tree genes

VietNamNet Bridge – Scientists have conducted seven field research projects to preserve and develop gene sources, especially that of two rare tree species, scientifically called Hopea pierrei and Sindora tonkinensis,