Vietnamese billionaires make multi-billion dong deals

Ho Hung Anh’s daughter

Techcombank has announced that Ho Thuy Anh, the daughter of the bank’s president, has registered to buy 82,186,100 shares.

The transaction is expected to be conducted from August 25 to September 19. Techcombank shares (TCB) were traded at VND33,100 per share on August 22, so Thuy Anh would have to spend VND2.72 trillion to buy the amount of shares as registered.

She currently is holding 22.47 million TCB, or 0.64 percent of the bank’s shares. If the registered transaction succeeds, Thuy Anh would have 104.6 million shares, or 2.97 percent.

By that time, the daughter of billionaire Ho Hung Anh would be added to the list of billionaires in the Vietnamese stock market. Thuy Anh, over 20, with the assets worth VND3.5 trillion, is on par with veteran and famous businessmen such as SSI president Nguyen Duy Hung and deputy chair of VPBank Bui Hai Quan.

VIBBank President’s son sells 124 million shares

Dang Quang Tuan, the son of Dang Khac Vy, has sold over 124.7 million shares in via put-through transactions lasting from July 21 to August 9

Closing the August 11 session, VIB share price stood at VND20,550 per share, a 27 percent increase from VND16,100 per share.

With the price, Tuan might have collected VND2.56 trillion.

Prior to that, Tuan registered to sell 124.7 million VIB shares within one month, from July 21 to August 21. Funderra, an institution related to Vy, registered to buy 124,7 million shares.

President’s son spent tens of billions of dong to collect shares

Nguyen Hung Cuong, deputy chair of DIC Corp, who is also the son of president Nguyen Thien Tuan, has registered to buy 3 million DIG shares in order to increase high ownership ratio in the infrastructure development firm.

The transaction was carried out from June 12 to July 11. After the successful transaction, Cuong is holding 62 million shares, or 10.16 percent of chartered capital.

If noting that DIG market share price was VND21,500 per share, the deputy chair would have to pay VND64.5 billion for the deal.

Prior to that, Cuong successfully bought 5 million DIG on March 17.

Company of president’s daughter just bought 1 million shares

In general, the number of shares the powerful businessmen registered to buy were high, but not all the plans could succeed. Nam Quan Investment JSC has announced it bought 1 million shares of Hoang Quan Real Estate out of the total registered 20 million shares, in order to raise its ownership ratio from zero percent to 0.21 percent of chartered capital.

The transactions were implemented on August 2-25. Experts said the buyer could not arrange enough capital to buy all the shares as it expected.

Nam Quan Investment is an institution related to Truong Nguyen Song Van, deputy CEO of Hoang Quan Real Estate. Van is the daughter of Truong Anh Tuan, deputy chair of Hoang Quan.

At the 2023 annual shareholders’ meeting held in April, Tuan said the share prices would come back to the nominal value by 2024, or VND10,000 per share. The value of Hoang Quan shares in accounting book is VND9,000 per share.

Novaland president’s daughter takes over 3 million shares

Bui Cao Ngoc Quynh, the daughter of Bui Thanh Nhon, president of Novaland, has bought 3 million NVL out of 3.5 million she registered before. The transaction was conducted under the put-through mode in June.

The transaction was not completed as initially planned because the partner changed the transaction time.

After the deal, Quynh holds 24.7 million shares or 1.266 percent.

This was not the first time that Nhon’s daughter could not buy all the shares registered.

On February 10-March 10, Quynh could buy only 50 percent of the total 44 million NVL because of the same reason.

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