VietNamNet Bridge – Binh Lieu, a mountainous district in Quang Ninh Province which is bordered with China, is home to ethnic groups such as Tay, San, Chi and Dao and endowed with many stunning landscapes as well as attractive cultural features.


A Tay girl sings with a dan tinh in a stream in Binh Lieu District, Quang Ninh Province.


The main population of Binh Lieu is Tay people who often live in valleys where streams murmur and immense terraced rice fields boast beauty in green or yellow like well-maintained lawns under the sunlight. The terrain there is harsh to access right enough, with imposing mountains all around.

In this season, Binh Lieu becomes vaporous in the misty peaks and charming with spring water flowing off mountains walls. The primitive spot attracts excursionists to go for explorations and picnics.

In Binh Lieu, tourists can also trek up mountains to admire various wild flowers and fruits. Scattered around mounts and hills, visitors can see some stilt houses and ethnic ladies who are bashful when you try to take their photo.



A view of the river near Hoanh Mo border gate in Binh Lieu District.


The interesting thing to me about Binh Lieu was the singing accompanied by a dan tinh, a string instrument made from a gourd with two zithers. Binh Lieu has a border gate market where tourists can shop for some souvenirs, garments and food.

Binh Lieu has no high-end tourism services but will comfort travelers by its own wild beauty and peaceful scenery.

Source: SGT