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Tuning up traditional melodies

The tính (also called tính tẩu) is a typical instrument of the Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic minority groups and is used in spiritual ceremonies, festivals and dating events.

Lang Son promotes folk music value

As peach blossoms flaunt their deep pink colour on the threshold of spring, the melodies of folk music are everywhere in all the hamlets in the northern province of Lang Son.

Stick puppetry of the Tay

The Tay often stage stick puppetry at their New Year’s celebration and also at the Going to the Field Festival, a custom that has existed for more than 200 years.


Peaceful Tha Village

 VietNamNet Bridge – Quiet, authentic, picturesque – Tha Village is well known among tourists for its charm and peaceful beauty. Located just 2km from Ha Giang, Tha Village stands out for its stilt houses, green bamboo groves and lush rice fields.

Rare frog dishes of Tay people in Lao Cai

VietNamNet Bridge – Hiu hiu, Johns’ groove-toed frog or Johns’ frog in English, is a rare frog species in Vietnam which can be found at streams in mountainous areas in the northwestern region.

Con Throwing Festival

According to the legend, long time ago in a year of having good weather and a bumper crop, King Hung in Phu Tho Province organized a festival and invited representatives from ethnic groups and tribes to attend.

Mau Son - home to stunning landscapes, fantastic culture

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mau Son Tourist Area located around 30 kilometers east of Lang Son City on National Road No. 4B and stretching over the three communes of Cong Son,

Keeping the “Then” flames eternal

VietNamNet Bridge – Chiem Hoa District of northern Tuyen Quang Province is home to 18 ethnic groups, each with their own special cultures. Among these, arguably the most memorable is Hat then singing – a traditional oratorio of the Tay people.  

Binh Lieu sings with beauty

VietNamNet Bridge – Binh Lieu, a mountainous district in Quang Ninh Province which is bordered with China, is home to ethnic groups such as Tay, San, Chi and Dao and endowed with many stunning landscapes as well as attractive cultural features.

Then singing - vitality of ethnic people

VietNamNet Bridge – Hat Then, a distinctive musical genre and a special combination of the spiritual and cultural life of Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic groups in Vietnam, has drawn the attention of many collectors and researchers over the past decade.

Tay women's brocade in Tuyen Quang

VietNamNet Bridge - There were times the traditional brocade weaving craft of the Tay people in Tuyen Quang Province was at risk of disappearing. Thanks to the locals' great efforts, it has been preserved and developed.