VietNamNet Bridge – A notice appeared on a website, called the “forum for the parents,” last week: “Bitcoin accepted here,” with the symbol showing that bitcoin is the acceptable payment currency.


This is the first and the only company in Vietnam accepting the payment in bitcoin so far.

The notice has immediately caught the special attention from the public. A lot of people, especially the youth, said they would “try” bitcoin after hearing that some people in the world have got rich with the investments in the currency.

However, the majority of the members of the forum admitted that they don’t understand much about the currency, and that first of all, they need to learn what bitcoin means.

Bui Huy Kien, Director of the company that manages the forum, said he dare not put high expectations on the trading value in bitcoin when launching the notice about the currency payment acceptance.

“There has been no revenue in bitcoin so far,” he admitted.

Kien said when announcing the acceptance of the bitcoin as a currency for transactions, he only strives to popularize the new currency and provide knowledge about the currency which has become more and more popular in the world.

“After a period of learning about it, I have got attracted by it. Therefore, I want to introduce it to other people,” he explained.

Bitcoin experts in Vietnam have pointed out a lot of advantages when using bitcoin for payment. The money remittance between the buyers and the sellers can be done directly, not through any third parties (banks, for example).

Currently, when remitting money via banks, people have to pay fee for the services. Meanwhile, with bitcoin, the fee is nearly zero, even if the sums of money are very big.

It is obviously more simple to make payment in bitcoin than in cash. Only a computer or a phone with Blockchain software and Bitcoin wallet is needed, and the money remittance can be wrapped up just with several clicks.

Especially, keeping bitcoin is also considered as making investments, as the bitcoin price has been escalating rapidly over the last few years, with the price sometimes approaching the gold price.

The “bitcoin community” in Vietnam has been expanding rapidly. A lot of groups and associations have been established where the members exchange views about how to mine more bitcoins, and how to make transactions with bitcoins.

Sources said that the biggest “bitcoins mining machines” in Vietnam are now located in Binh Duong province and HCM City. Someone reportedly got nearly 1,000 bitcoins when the currency just appeared and it was easy to mine.

Analysts have noted that there is a “bitcoin rush” all over the world, like the “gold rush” hundreds of years ago. A lot of people consider mining bitcoins as their job. And they are called “bitcoin miners.”

It is not easy to mine bitcoins. But a lot of Vietnamese have stated they will spend money on the powerful computers with strong configurations, which they hope can help better mine bitcoins.

The miners have been attracted by the high price of bitcoint, hovering around $1,000 per bitcoin, while it sometimes reached $1,200 per bitcoin.