Vietnamnet liên tục cập nhật các tin tức mới nhất về thị trường Bitcoin để độc giả đánh giá đúng nhất được biến động đồng tiền ảo này

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: virtual money or digital currency?

There are different definitions and interpretations of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Vietnam, even among experts and policymakers.

Does Vietnam lag behind in cryptocurrency movement?

Many Asian countries have researched, piloted and even deployed digital currencies using Blockchain technology. In Vietnam, there are only plans on paper.

Vietnam in global top 10 for cryptocurrency ownership rate

The Covid-19 pandemic has attracted capital from Vietnamese investors in cryptocurrencies. About 6 million Vietnamese own digital assets.

Investors rush to pour money into bitcoin

Investors who bought bitcoins for $35,000 in July will make substantial profit if they sell now, when prices are high.

Cryptocurrency fever leads to dead end for some investors

With total market capitalization value of $1.45 trillion as of June 21, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has attracted investors but has also been an ideal hiding place for illegal activities.

Vietnamese earn over VND9 trillion profit from cryptocurrencies in 2020

Vietnam ranks 4th for profit earned from cryptocurrencies among Asian economies in 2020, only after China, Japan and South Korea.

The hottest cryptocurrencies in the market

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has grown strongly and has become a fertile ground for investors, despite many warnings about their risks. Here are the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

"Stuck in a rut" in the cryptocurrency game

Cryptocurrency speculation can help many people change their lives, but it entails consequences that not everyone is willing to accept the trade-offs.

Are Vietnamese investors confused about Bitcoin prices?

The price for Bitcoin dropped by $11,600 during the past weekend, and many people began to worry about the end of the "uptrend" of Bitcoin. What are Vietnamese investors thinking?

Vietnamese bet on Alice cryptocurrency tokens

Appearing on March 15, Alice tokens have created a fever in the market with the starting price of $16, catching the attention of Vietnamese cryptocurrency investors.

Vietnam working to strengthen virtual money management

The Government is working on a policy to tighten the management of virtual currency and assets, heard a workshop in Hanoi on August 16.


Incurring big losses in 2018, investors became disillusioned with cryptocurrency

VietNamNet Bridge - 2018 was described as a fearful year for cryptocurrency investors.

Bitcoin falls below $5,000

 The value of Bitcoin has fallen below $5,000 (£3,889) for the first time since October 2017.

Cryptocurrency scams offer false promises

VietNamNet Bridge - The common characteristic of all the scams was that the heads of the cryptocurrency mining firms’ all promised sky-high interest rates for short-term investments.

Bitcoin traders reaping fewer profits

VietNamNet Bridge - Though current income is just equal to one-tenth of a year ago for bitcoin investors, the income is better than an office job with a monthly income of $1,000.

Where have cryptocurency investors gone?

As predicted, the bitcoin bubble has burst. Cryptocurrency fever in the fourth quarter of 2017 has bottomed out. At the time, bitcoin was the hottest topic of discussion among office workers to farmers, and from large cities to rural areas.

Investors experiencing tough days as bitcoin price tumbles

VietNamNet Bridge - Bitcoin holders are feeling anxious as the price of the cryptocurrency has dropped dramatically.

Bitcoin falls below $6,000

 The value of Bitcoin has fallen to below $6,000 - its lowest price since November 2017.

VN Blockchain Developers’ founder: Vietnamese crazy about ICO

“Many Vietnamese people don’t know anything about blockchain, but are still willing to pour millions of dollars into ICO (initial coin offering) ,” the founder of Vietnam Blockchain Developers Nguyen Sy Thanh Son said recently.

S Korea bans anonymous cryptocurrency trades

 South Korea is banning the use of anonymous bank accounts to make cryptocurrency transactions.