Calo Indoor, a Blockchain application project in health training.

Health training, real estate, and jewelry and tourism businesses are among the fields using blockchain technology.

Vietnam is now among the leading countries using blockchain. Many people often associate blockchain with Gamefi or cryptocurrency, but it is used in many areas.

Vietnam is a pioneer in applying blockchain to health training with the Calo Metaverse project that combines sports training with virtual reality. With this application, users experience a virtual world of practicing sports and can connect with other people with similar interests around the world.

Running was the first sport on this application, and the development team has recently launched Indoor Calorie, which helps users exercise at home via gameplay designed with AR technology.

Another blockchain area in recent years is real estate. MoonKa is the first project using this technology in real estate transactions in Vietnam. Real estate projects are broken down in the form of digital assets (NFT), and put on the exchange so that everyone can own them. 

After MoonKa, real estate projects Metain and Realbox also began using blockchain.

Notably, Realbox is a platform where users can buy real estate in countries around the world such as Australia, USA, Thailand and Vietnam with prices starting from 1 USD.

According to Realbox CEO Alex Pham, all data related to real estate assets is shown on smart contracts and blockchains, so the information is transparent, making it easier for participants and even authorities to manage these types of assets.

In the field of tourism, Triip, a startup specializing in services such as booking tours and rooms around the world with diverse payment methods, uses blockchain. With the application, users can receive Triipmiles (the payment unit in the Triip application), when sharing detailed information about upcoming travel plans such as destinations, hotel reservations and hobbies.

Startup HanaGold, also known as "Gold Shop 4.0", uses Blockchain technology to digitize physical gold into digital assets (NFT), and buyers can easily own them through dispersion into small quantities. In other words, users can buy gold with any amount. 

And with the digitization of gold, it creates a unique, transparent and safe crypto-asset, authenticating the origin of gold as well as the quality of gold.

Blockchain is also being used by many businesses in many other fields in Vietnam such as education, healthcare and customer care.

Le My