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Book project helps to promote Vietnamese culture

A book project to promote Vietnamese culture to Vietnamese and international readers called “Tủ Sách Văn Hóa Việt” (Bookshelf of Vietnam Culture) has been launched.

A book project called “Tủ Sách Văn Hóa Việt” (Bookshelf of Vietnam Culture) promotes books about Vietnamese culture to Vietnamese and international readers. Photo courtesy of Chibooks

The project was initiated by the CHI Cultural Joint Stock Company (Chibooks) in collaboration with the country’s leading publishing houses of Văn Học (Literature) and Lao Động (Labour), aiming to translating Vietnamese cultural books into other languages.

The programme now features eight titles about people, culture and cuisine from different regions of Vietnam, written by six authors including Dao Thi Thanh Tuyen, Do Quang Tuan Hoang, and Phi Tan.

Tuyen presents two books Sài Gòn Rong Ruổi Nỗi Nhớ (Sài Gòn and Nostalgia) highlighting her love for her second homeland, and Nha Trang Mùa Đẹp Nhất (Best Season of Nha Trang) featuring life, food and people of the coastal city - her hometown.

The 62-year-old author said she was nervous when learning that her books were chosen for the project.

“I wonder what people who don’t speak Vietnamese think of my books. I have many foreign friends and I love to gift them my books, especially the English version,” Tuyen said.

Born in Khanh Hoa Province, Tuyen graduated from the HCM City University of Technology and Education in 1981, and then worked at the Khanh Hoa Province’s Department of Science and Technology.

She began her writing career in 1997 and has released 12 literature works. She is a member of the Khanh Hoa Province’s Association of Literature and Arts.

Tuyen is now retired and living in HCM City.

The project also includes Vắt Qua Những Ngàn Mây (Acoss the Country) by Do Quang Tuan Hoang about his journey to discover life and people all over the country, and Hà Nội: Chuyện Ăn, Chuyện Uống Một Thời (Cuisine of old Hanoi) by Vu The Long.

At first, the eight books will be translated into English and Chinese by native translators.

Chibooks will publish the books overseas, as well as showcase them at international book fairs.

The company will sell book copyright for foreign publishers who want to translate into their own languages.

Nguyen Le Chi, director of Chibooks, said many foreign translators were good at language, but did not know the country’s culture well. So the project aims to help them understand more about Vietnamese culture in order to improve translation.

“The project may not see results in one or two years. However, if we try our best and have trust in our path, we’ll see results in five years,” Chi added.

Source: Vietnam News

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