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From last night until this morning of March 25, at many bookstores in Hanoi, many young people spent the whole night queuing for hours to get their hands on the book of the story Vol 1 (volume 1).

Mao Bookstore - the oldest bookstore in Dinh Le Street

Mao bookstore is the oldest bookstore on Dinh Le street, associated with the childhood of generations of Hanoians.

National contest stirs reading enthusiasm for younger generation

"Books are a magic light that illuminates the most remote and darkest paths of human life." So goes the opening sentence in a presentation by Nguyen Thanh Lam, a contestant at the ongoing Reading Culture Ambassador Contest 2021.



Book project helps to promote Vietnamese culture

A book project to promote Vietnamese culture to Vietnamese and international readers called “Tủ Sách Văn Hóa Việt” (Bookshelf of Vietnam Culture) has been launched.

Publishers promote summer reading for kids

Vietnamese publishing houses are promoting new programmes and books this summer to encourage children to read.

How can books change us?

The “How Worthwhile Is Your Youth” program contributes to changing the minds of many young people.

Seeking books that help change a nation's destiny

“Each book has its own mission and impact on an individual audience. When they are combined, the book creates power that can change the whole nation,” the CEO of a book house told VietNamNet.

Online Vietnamese bookstores open in Europe

Vietnamese books are available in Europe with a great effort to preserve the mother language and culture of Vietnam.

Free library with English books in Hanoi spreads reading habit

A businessman opens a free library for everyone, especially children, who loves reading and learning English.

Internet users like to shop, surf on Facebook rather than read books, says official

Head of Publications Department Nguyen Nguyen said it is necessary to do something so that internet users not only spend time to surf on Facebook and buy goods online but also pay attention to reading culture.

32 countries to take part in copyright transactions at online book fair

So far, 32 countries have agreed to participate in copyright transactions at, according to Nguyen Nguyen, director of the Publishing, Printing and Publishing Department under the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Young man converts double-story house into free library for local pupils

A young man in the Central Province of Quang Ngai has converted his double-story house into a library where local pupils can enjoy reading books gratis.

HCM City’s Book Street celebrates 5th birthday

A series of cultural and art programmes are taking place at the HCM City Book Street on Nguyen Van Binh Street in District 1 to celebrate the street’s 5th anniversary, and promote the reading culture among the community.

Reading culture still not flourishing, despite growth in book titles

The increase in the number of published books cannot be equated with the growth of the local reading culture, experts said at a recent meeting held by the Vietnam Publishing Association with several publishers and book companies in Hanoi.

Ample entertainment program at Hanoi Book Street from July 18

Hanoi Book Street is a favorite destination for bookworms, especially the children, when summer comes.


Spreading a passion for reading

This year’s Book Festival to mark Vietnamese Book Day on April 21 is being held online because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hanoi set to be country’s centre of books by 2030

More public and private libraries will be opened from now to 2025 as a part of a plan issued by the capital's People’s Committee to develop a reading culture and build Hà Nội into the country’s centre of books by 2030.

Hanoi aims to become literary hub by 2030

Hanoi People's Committee has issued the plan for the literary development in the city to 2025 with a view to 2030.

HCMC book street still open despite drop in customers due to coronavirus fear

The book street in Nguyen Van Binh Street in downtown HCM City is still open for local and international visitors despite of a 30 percent drop in the number of visitors due to coronavirus fears.

Hanoi opens 2020 Spring Book Street

The 2020 Spring Book Street was opened in Hanoi on January 27 as part of the activities to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3) and the traditional lunar New Year festival (Tet).