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With determination from the Prime Minister and the government, the electronic toll collection policy (ETC) has been brought into life after many delays.

BOT companies call for help amid pandemic

BOT investors have not only faced hardship caused by the pandemic but are also struggling with obstacles stemming from the Ministry of Transport’s regulations of road toll increases and the State Bank of Vietnam’s lending policies.


Major transport infrastructure works to be started in June

Four major transport projects will be kicked off in June, announced the Ministry of Transport at a conference on May 28.

BOT investors face debt, heavy losses for massive loans

Build-operate-transfer (BOT) investors are falling into a debt trap and incurring heavy losses due to a decline in the toll fee collection, 

BOT projects incur losses, investors and banks worry about bad debts

Investors are worried as their Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects cannot satisfy requirements as revenue has been lower than expected.

VNR concerned over loss of entire equity

The Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) incurred losses of some VND1.3 trillion last year due to Covid-19 and continuous storms in the central region.

HCM City infrastructure development to focus on services sector

HCM City’s infrastructure development is focused on transforming the economy and making it services-based.

Will the State buy back four BOT toll stations?

A government report shows that problems still exist at four BOT (build, operate, transfer) toll stations. Because of their special properties, it has been difficult to maintain their operations.

State Audit of VN notes high pay for foreign specialists in ODA projects

A foreign specialist in an ODA (Official Development Assistance) project can receive VND500-700 million a month, while pay for a Vietnamese specialist is just tens of millions of VND.

Delayed BOT projects threaten to disrupt future power supply

A series of build-operate-transfer power projects are lagging behind set schedules by as much as a year due to the global pandemic, threading concern into the power supply issue in the coming time.

Local businesses disturbed about many new policies

The attempts to increase budget collection may neutralize the policies aiming to recover the economy after the epidemic.

Nearly US$3 billion worth of loans to BOT projects likely to become bad debt

Forty-nine BOT (build-operate-transfer) transport projects have been reported as having revenue below expectations.

Transport Ministry proposes State to compensate controversial BOT tollgates

The Ministry of Transport has proposed that the Government compensate developers of two out of four build-operate-transfer (BOT) tollgates and shut them down due to protests among road users.

Thousands of bank officers lose jobs as ebanking grows

More than 2,320 bank officers have lost jobs at VP Bank, and the figure is 1,248 at OCB. The two banks had the highest number of officers losing jobs this year.

Financing for BOT projects in Vietnam on ice

Vietnam has closed its doors to international investors joining the Eastern Cluster of the North-South Expressway initiative, catering to domestic groups only. 

BOT projects need careful consideration

The Government's website ( recently published an interview with Dr Tran Chung, President of the Association of Private Investors in Road Transport, on strong and weak points of BOT projects in Vietnam.

Fee collection suspension lifted at three BOT projects

The Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam (DRVN) on Wednesday lifted the suspension of fee collection at three build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects.

VN State Audit pinpoints violations at BT, BOT projects, banks

The State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) has uncovered several violations in the execution of build-transfer (BT) and build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects as well as at local banks.


Banks are worried as BOT projects incur losses

Nearly half of the transport BOT projects under the management of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam (DFRV) report low revenue, with many of them incurring big losses.

Defense Ministry firm found to forge applications for transport projects

Thai Son Development and Investment JSC, a business under the Defense Ministry, was found to have falsified bank statements to win construction contracts and BOT transport projects before transferring them to other contractors.