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Two-year period too long for intellectual-property registration process

The two years for intellectual property registration in Vietnam is said to be too long, affecting business activities and the image of the brand.

Long history brand is no longer an important factor

Approaching his 40th birthday, Nguyen Tuan Ngoc thought he had a job safe enough to never have to worry about looking for work again.


Vietnam M&A Forum explores brand development post-M&A

At the third session of Vietnam M&A Forum 2019 experts explored how to find suitable strategies to build, protect, and develop brands.

Businesses told to be on the alert when exporting products to China

Vietnam’s businesses now have great opportunities to boost exports through official channels to China as the Chinese government is encouraging official imports, and the shipping fee is decreasing.

Japanese garlic may overtake Ly Son garlic fields on Ly Son island

VietNamNet Bridge - With the growing of Japanese elephant garlic on Ly Son Island, Ly Son garlic, a well-known brand, will be threatened, scientists say.

Developing a brand for Vietnamese films

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam is developing a brand for Vietnamese films at home and abroad as a way to promote Vietnam’s image to international friends. But this will not be an easy task as it requires greater investments in cinematography

Oversight of brand issues undervalue Vietnamese firms

 VietNamNet Bridge – Brand matters have not received the due consideration they deserve from local companies, which consequently lead to the country’s brand value devaluation.

Vietnam tourism: high growth, low revenue

In 2012, the number of foreign tourists to Vietnam reached over 6.8 million, with revenues of $ 6.61 billion. "Tourism in our country was born from the '60s, but since then we have not built a national tourism brand,” said Dr. Pham Trung Luong.

“Vietnamese taste” will differentiate Vietnamese and foreign café chains

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese coffee market is believed to nearly get saturated. The changes in the brand positioning are believed to lead to the biggest changes in the brands’ fames.

Vinamit has got halfway to reclaim Duc Thanh brand from Chinese

The review court to adjudicate the dispute of the Duc Thanh brand in China is expected to open in late April. Vinamit, a well-known Vietnamese farm produce processor, hopes the court would finish the 5-year lawsuit on end.

Confiscation of smuggled goods at Gucci-Milano Hanoi shop

The Hanoi authorities have agreed with the proposal of the relevant agencies on handling violations committed by the two shops selling luxurious products with the brands Gucci and Milano on Ly Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

Cheats sink real travel firms

Too many “bogus” travel firms have appeared on the market, tricking travelers out of money. Meanwhile, travelers don’t know who they should petition to have their interests protected.

Yen The chicken crow at Big C

The dispute between a Vietnamese company - Giang Son JSC, and a foreign invested supermarket chain Big C, on the brand “Ga doi Yen The” (Yen The chicken) has brought the initial result temporarily in favor of the business.

When Vietnamese CEOs “travel incognito”

The owners of Trung Nguyen coffee, Vinaxuki automobile, My Hao cosmetics and Bibica sweets brands have been going to retail markets to survey the purchasing power, assembling cars and selling products themselves.

The once well-known Vietnamese brands that fall into oblivion

It is quite a normal thing that a brand turns up and then disappears from the market. However, economists say the disappearance of a series of once well-known Vietnamese brands is really worrying.