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Environmentalists and economists have recommended that Vietnam not only call for support from the governments of countries up the Mekong River, but also take action to rescue the delta. 

Reform or lag behind: Vietnam 2035 report

The strong message the economists – the authors of the Vietnam 2035 Report – want to convey is that Vietnam needs to carry out reform, or it will lag behind, according to Pham Chi Lan, a renowned economist, a member of the report preparation team.

Is Vietnam’s position as second largest rice exporter threatened?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has been warned that it would be outstripped by Thailand and Cambodia in rice exports if it cannot change the current production and export policies.

MPI warns PetroVietnam proposal may create monopoly

VietNamNet Bridge - The proposal by the national oil and gas group PetroVietnam to force domestic enterprises to buy petroleum products from domestic sources will create a monopoly, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has warned.

Strange events surround instant coffee market

VietNamNet Bridge - What happened with the instant coffee market in 2015 showed that the market was unpredictable.

Indonesian company threatens to sue Vinataba in international court

Indonesian Sumatra has threatened to sue Vinataba in international court after Vinataba submitted a dossier to the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) to register JET & HERO trademarks. 

2-year medical training to be eliminated by Ministry decision

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Health’s (MOH) decision that intermediate school graduates will not be employed by hospitals and healthcare throughout the country has raised controversy.

Vietnamese investors remain indifferent to Big C deal

VietNamNet Bridge - At least five foreign investors have announced they will vie to acquire Big C Vietnam but Vietnamese investors remain indifferent to the deal.

Investors told to inject money into IT, seaports, real estate

VietNamNet Bridge - Information technology (IT) firms, seaport and real estate developers are expected to do well in 2016 despite challenges to the national economy.

Burger King still faces problems despite backing by tycoon

VietNamNet Bridge - Burger King, a famous fast-food brand, has experienced tough days in the Vietnam market.

Restaurant chains: Burger King encounters problems, others leaving market

VietNamNet Bridge - A series of restaurant chains, including Burger King, Golden Gate, Red Sun-ITI and Mesa Group have shut down one or many restaurants recently.

New race begins in coffee market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese coffee companies, anticipating big problems in export markets, are focusing on making instant and roasted coffee to sell in the domestic market.

BKV shuts down Burger King in HCMC, conquers Hanoi market: investor

VietNamNet Bridge - BKV, the franchisee which brought Burger King to Vietnam, said it has shut down its third restaurant in HCM City and plans to march towards the north.

Is Burger King leaving Vietnam after closing several restaurants?

While Saigon businesses have been busy in the high sales season of the year, a Burger King shop on Cao Thang street in district 3 in HCM City has shut down.

Fast food chains hunt for retail premises, real estate market warms up

Analysts, while forecasting the arrival of many foreign fast food chains in Vietnam, believe that the real estate market would warm up in the war among the chains for retail premises.