Bamboo Airways asked to prove operation capacity

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has asked Bamboo Airways to provide documents that prove its capacity to operate 30 more aircraft as requested. The firm’s current air transport license caps the fleet at 10 airplanes.

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Bamboo Airways asked to prove operation capacity

Bamboo Airways receives another Airbus A321 plane on April 26 – PHOTO: BAMBOO AIRWAYS

In a proposal to the Ministry of Transport, Vietnam’s fledgling airline has asked for the reissuance of its air transport business license.


The airline wants to change its legal representative, open more branches and raise its charter capital from the current VND700 billion (US$30 million) to over VND1.3 trillion (US$55.8 million). It also seeks to adjust its operational scale to both a domestic and international transport business and to operate more than 30 planes.

CAAV said that on assessing the proposal, the regulator had found that the airline is eligible for a new license.

However, regarding the change in operational scale and aircraft number, the regulator stressed that many factors should be taken into account. These include regulatory rules, market demand, airport infrastructure and Bamboo Airways’ capacity, as well as the assurance of CAAV’s aviation safety oversight.

CAAV has requested the airline to provide recruitment and ground service contracts and its detailed plans to recruit and train workers. The move is meant to prove its capacity to operate up to 40 aircraft safely.

The authority also said that CAAV’s current employees are able to oversee 256 Vietnamese aircraft. However, aside from the 40 aircraft owned by Bamboo Airways, other airlines in the country are expected to receive 277 new jetliners until the end of this year. SGT

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