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VietNamNet Bridge – Climate change is hitting the Mekong Delta much earlier than expected, Phung Duc Tien of the National Assembly Commission of Science and Technology told Thoi bao Kinh te Viet Nam

Landslide danger high in Kien Giang

VietNamNet Bridge – The southern province of Kien Giang has more than 380km of seashore and river banks vulnerable to landslides, according to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Mekong erosion damages property

VietNamNet Bridge – Erosion is affecting many areas in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta, causing property damage and interruption of business production.

Soil erosion – urgent problem to address in Ca Mau province

 VietNamNet Bridge – Hundreds of kilometres of coastlines and river banks in the southernmost province of Ca Mau are suffering from serious soil erosion, posing a major threat to the life of local people

Habitat loss threatens survival of large flying foxes

 VietNamNet Bridge – The population of large flying foxes (Pteropus vampyrus) living in the southern Ca Mau Province is facing depletion in its numbers.

Visiting the waterlogged land of Nam Can

VietNamNet Bridge – On the way from HCMC to the southernmost point of the country in the Mekong Delta province of Ca Mau, tourists will pass Nam Can – a busy fishing town worth a visit for tourists to enjoy the bustle and hustle in fishing wharfs,

Khmer pentatonic music gets back into tune

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Khmer residents of a commune in the southernmost province of Ca Mau can enjoy their unique pentatonic music form once again as youngsters take to it with enthusiasm.

Binh Duong courts imprison rioters

 VietNamNet Bridge – Courts in the southern province of Binh Duong handed down imprisonment sentences to two rioters after separate trials in the province yesterday morning, May 25.

Over-exploitation depletes, pollutes Ca Mau water

 VietNamNet Bridge – Massive exploitation of groundwater and thousands of unused bore wells are threatening to deplete and pollute this water source in Ca Mau Province.

Ca Mau tries to prevent forest fires

 The southernmost province of Ca Mau is undertaking extensive measures to prevent fires in U Minh Ha National Park during the dry season.

Students boycott vocational schools

 VietNamNet Bridge – Facing a severe student shortage, many vocational training school classroooms equipped with expensive tools and machinery are going unused as enrolment remains stagnant.

Spending the night at Thi Tuong Lagoon

 VietNamNet Bridge – If exploring the Mekong Delta area, tourists should stop at Thi Tuong Lagoon, the largest lagoon in the delta with a water surface of 700 hectares and enjoy some time in the cool wetland location with the homestay services

Ca Mau - The final point on the S-shaped land

 VietNamNet Bridge - Ca Mau in the Khmer language means "black water," the color of fallen indigo leaves in the vast U Minh forest.

Shrimp project helps create ‘organic coast'

 VietNamNet Bridge – A new model of integrative shrimp farming introduced in Ca Mau will help farmers earn more while preserving the mangrove trees that aquaculture often destroys.

US State Secretary hails Vietnam’s potential

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam boasts potential for becoming the US’ big trade partner in the region, said US Secretary of State John Kerry when visiting HCM City as part of his trip to Vietnam from December 14-17.

NA committee concerned about additional capital for road project

 VietNamNet Bridge – Transport Minister Dinh La Thang has sought an additional VND65 trillion (USD3.1 billion) for the Ho Chi Minh road project, but the National Assembly Standing Committee raised concerns over the capacity to mobilise the capital.

10-year-old girl killed by “petrol bomb”

 VietNamNet Bridge - After three days in the hospital, a 10 -year-old girl in the south-most province of Ca Mau with severe burns caused by a "petrol bomb" has died.

The tragedy of seafood exporters in southwestern region

 VietNamNet Bridge - These days the number of seafood processing workers in Tra Noc Industrial Zone (Can Tho City) and Trung Hoa Industrial Zone (Ca Mau) have been reducing.

Ca Mau sinking with water table

 VietNamNet Bridge – Southernmost Ca Mau Province is in danger of sinking below sea level in the next few decades due to over-exploitation of underground water if something isn't done urgently.


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