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After VinFast initiated its ‘blockbuster’ strategy on developing electric cars, a number of automobile manufacturers have imported electric cars to sell in the domestic market.

Govt’s new decree removes barriers to automobile imports

Automobile importers in Vietnam will no longer have to obtain a Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) certificate from authorities in exporting countries, making it easier for them to import cars into the country.


Zero-percent taxed cars enter Vietnam, bring profits to Thais, Indonesians

Vietnam has become a large market which earns billions of dollars for Thai and Indonesian manufacturers each year.

Will car prices fall in 2017 after tariff cut?

VietNamNet Bridge - The tariff on CBU (complete built unit) car imports from ASEAN will be cut 30 percent in January, but consumers are concerned that selling prices will remain the same. 

Will car imports be limited under new regulations?

VietNamNet Bridge - Car importers are anxiously awaiting a new rule from the MInistry of Transport.


 Opportunities await local firms to boost exports stateside; Fuel price stabilization fund hits record high; CBU imports from China triple last year; Industrial production up 10 per cent; Minister seeks to calm producers as Vietnam opens markets

Car prices to drop next year on import tariff cuts

 The Finance Ministry on December 3 issued an order amending the vehicle import tariff, in keeping with Vietnam's commitment to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on tax reduction.

Overseas Vietnamese get car import break

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has allowed the overseas Vietnamese people (Viet Kieu) to import automobiles as movable assets when they return to the country.


 Hong Kong investors buy Vinacafe shares; Security industrial zone launched; Fertiliser firm earns $26m in 2013 profits; PVN signs contract for new power station; 2013 rice exports earn US$2.95 billion

AFTA-sourced car imports to see sharp falls in prices

 VietNamNet Bridge – From 2018, the import tariffs on the car imports from the AFTA zone under the mode of complete built unit (CBU) will be lowered to zero percent. This will make imports cheaper than domestically assembled cars.