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VietNamNet Bridge - While car imports are likely to be barred from Vietnam by technical barriers, domestic automobile manufacturers have been given preferential treatment. 

Small, affordable cars to be sold in Vietnam after 2018

Analysts believe that new car brands will enter the Vietnamese market after 2018 when import tariffs fall, providing products at low prices and targeting middle-income earners. 

Car dealers warned of bad business performance in second half of year

The truck market is struggling as the demand for Chinese products has dropped dramatically, while car buyers have canceled their purchase plans and will not return until 2018 when import tariff cuts take effect, making vehicles cheaper.

Vietnam urged to focus on making 2-wheel vehicles

While MOIT and experts have decided that Vietnam needs to develop an automobile industry of its own, other experts believe that the ‘automobile dream’ is ‘far away’ and that Vietnam should focus on making 2-wheel vehicles. 

How expensive are cars in Vietnam?

Foreign-invested automobile manufacturers have denied a MOIT report about Vietnam’s automobile industry that says assembled-in-Vietnam cars are twice as expensive as Thailand’s and Indonesia’s.

Vietnamese auto market: expensive cars sell better

VietNamNet Bridge - For most Vietnamese consumers, a house and car are two of the most valuable assets.

Industry Ministry admits failure in developing auto industry. So what's next?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has admitted that the plan to develop an automobile industry of Vietnam has failed, but it still insists on protecting domestic assembling enterprises which work for foreign invested enterprises.

Assembled-in-Vietnam cars are twice as expensive as Thailand’s

Car prices in Vietnam are nearly two times higher than in other countries in the region such as Thailand and Indonesia, and much higher than in countries with developed automobile industries such as the US and Japan. 

Vietnam will not retain Japanese automakers at any cost: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - Though appreciating Japanese support to Vietnam’s industries, economists say that Japanese automobile manufacturers’ claims for investment incentives are unreasonable.

Vinaxuki's demise reflects problems in economy

Ninety-six percent of Vietnam’s enterprises are small businesses, with the majority having 10 workers or less. Only 2 percent of enterprises are large in size, while another 2 percent are medium size. 

Japanese automakers threaten to leave Vietnam again

VietNamNet Bridge - Japanese automobile manufacturers have discussed the possibility of relocating their factories to regional countries because of Vietnam’s weak supporting industries.

Tariffs are cut, import prices fall, but cars are still pricey

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite tariff cuts and low import prices, Vietnamese still have to pay high prices to buy cars because of high taxes and fees.

Indian cars cheapest, French most expensive in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - While Indian cars are cheap with the average import price of VND84 million, French autos are the most expensive with the average import price of VND1.3 billion.

Transfer pricing makes cars more expensive in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – The automobile and car part manufacturing has the transfer pricing rate of 51 percent, the third highest to finance & insurance and textile & garment.