Car manufacturers, assemblers and importers have confirmed that cars are in short supply and sales agents don’t have enough cars to satisfy demand.

Many car buyers said they have to wait many months or one year to get deliveries, though they paid more than the manufacturers’ suggested retail prices.

Toyota Raize is one of the scarce models. Buyers have been told that deliveries will come in 2023. Meanwhile, some sale agents have said that they have stopped taking deposits as they don’t know when the cars will be delivered.

Toyota Raize 2022 is distributed with one version, and quoted price of VND527-535 million, depending on the color. As supply is short, sales agents have asked clients to buy accessory packages, worth VND50-60 million, together with the cars. 

Toyota’s large-size SUV – Land Cruiser – is also a hot model. Since its launch, it has been in short supply all over the world, though the selling price is not low. 

In Vietnam, clients have to wait up to one year to get the model, even though they have accepted to pay the additional amount of VND1.3 billion to the quoted price of VND4.6 billion. In Japan, clients even have to wait up to four years to obtain the cars.

Santa Fe and Tucson, the two models of Hyundai, are in the same situation. The shortage began earlier this year and has not improved.

Hyundai SantaFe has quoted prices of VND1.03-1.340 billon. However, clients have to buy accessory packages worth VND130 million to be able to get deliveries soon.

Hyundai Tucson has quoted prices of VND825 million-1.03 billion. However, clients must pay up to VND150 million additionally.

On auto forums, many people have complained about slow delivery. Car buyers said sales agents make promises, but don’t have cars to deliver. Some buyers said they might buy other car models, accepting to lose the deposit.  

The buyers of Ford Ranger and Ford Explorer 2022, Kia Seltos and Kia Sonet have been told to wait 2-3 months for deliveries.

The car shortage is attributed to the disruption of the chip supply chains and the lack of car parts all over the world because of Covid-19. The crisis in Ukraine has made the situation worse. As many as 43,816 cars were sold in May.

Y Nhuy