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20 kg of synthetic drugs are hidden inside cans of beer (Photo:

The general department noted that drug-related crimes have been diversified to feature many sophisticated methods and tricks, with the drugs being hidden in many forms as a means of evading the control of authorities.

In early May customs officers operating at Noi Bai International Airport co-ordinated work with the Hanoi police in order to halt the transportation of 20 kg of synthetic drugs passing from the Netherlands to Vietnam. All of the drugs were hidden inside cans of beer.

An additional drug trafficking ring was also detected on May 10 with 1.37 kg of ketamine found at the bottom of lotion bottles, with the shipment being prepared to be exported to Japan.

The next day saw Noi Bai airport customs detected eight kg of synthetic drugs packaged and hidden inside mayonnaise boxes that were being transported to the country from the Czech Republic.

According to the General Department, the leaders of such drug trafficking cases are primarily Vietnamese individuals residing, studying, or working abroad, who then collaborate with partners within the country to smuggle drugs into Vietnam. They usually contact with each other via mobile apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram using fake accounts.

Source: VOV