According to the provincial administration, prolonged heavy rain has over the past few days has caused landslides and road cracks in some areas of Dak Nong, posing a big threat to local people’s lives.

Notably, there are many cracks recorded in the body of the dam and around the reservoir of Dak N'Ting. The largest crack in the foot hills near the base of the dam has extended about 500m in length and more than 150 m in depth, and is expected to widen further.

About 10hectares of land under subsidiary crop cultivation to the right side of the dam have subsided as results of heavy rain. Many large cracks of 10-20cm in length in the body of the dam have posed a life-threatening risk in the surrounding and downstream areas.

The provincial administration requested evacuating all residents from impacted areas and at the same time monitoring and evaluating natural disaster development to promptly come up with response plans.

It asked relevant agencies to calculate the dam breach scenario, including devising water drainage plans and minimizing land subsidence near public works.

Dak Nong said it will need about VND50 billion sourced from the state budget to support recovery efforts at Dak N'Ting reservoir. This funding will also help the locality to overcome the consequences of natural disasters, especially traffic and irrigation works affected by the recent heavy rain and flooding.

Source: VOV