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Over 1,100 natural disasters hit Vietnam in 2023

More than 1,100 natural disasters have taken place across Vietnam this year, heard a conference held by the office of the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control in Hanoi on December 22.

Flood and landslides warning capabilities must be improved: forecasting official

Floods, landslides, and other natural disasters are common occurrences in Vietnam, often characterised by their rapid and localised impacts.

Two dead, one missing after heavy rain in central VN

The downpours are expected to continue to next week.

Torrential rain causing landslides in various places

Nghe Tinh Railway JSC. yesterday announced a serious landslide incident on the North-South Railway route passing Ha Tinh Province at 3:00 am due to heavy rain.

Heavy downpours and landslides disrupt travel on North-South rail route

Heavy rain over the past two days have triggered landslides in the central province of Ha Tinh, disrupting travel on the North-South rail route running across the locality.

Central region copes with possible landslides, erosion due to heavy rains

In recent days, showers to downpours have battered provinces in the central region causing many roads to be cut off and many river banks and mountain areas are likely at risk of landslides. The region must cope with natural disasters.

Schools in Da Nang City continue shutting down due to heavy rains

The Department of Education and Training of Da Nang City this afternoon announced that kindergartens and all schools would allow their students to stay at home on October 16 amid nonstop downpours.

High number of child displacements due to natural disasters in VN

Vietnam saw a total of 930,000 children having to leave their homes in the six-year period between 2016 and 2021 due to extreme weather phenomena such as floods, storms and drought, according to UNICEF's latest report.

ASEAN Ministers on disaster management to meet in Ha Long next week

The north-eastern city of Ha Long (Vietnam) will play host to the 11th Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management (AMMDM) from October 8 – 13, a press conference heard on October 6.

Mekong Delta flooded by heavy rains, orchards and houses submerged

Heavy rains overnight in the Mekong Delta left some provinces under water.

No Vietnamese casualties recorded in Morocco, Libya following disasters

The Vietnamese Embassy in Morocco has not received any information regarding Vietnamese casualties in the earthquake that seriously hit many cities in the African country on September 8, said the Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Pham Thu Hang.

Lao Cai: 10 people died and went missing due to floods

Heavy rain in Lao Cai province on September 12 night had caused flash flood and landslides in several areas, killing two people, missing four people and washing away many local residents’ property in Lien Minh Commune.

The worse the human impact on nature, the more serious the consequences

The frequency of landslides in recent years shows that human activity has affected mountains and forests, leading to serious negative consequences, Associate Prof Dr Tran Tan Van, former director of the Institute of Geosciences and Minerals, said.

HCM City to relocate more than 600 households to avoid natural disasters

By 2025, HCM City will complete relocation and settlement for 611 local households living in disaster-prone areas, according to a plan that has been approved by city authorities.

Central Highland province declares disaster state of emergency

The Central Highland province Dak Nong on August 8 declared a state of emergency to support recovery efforts for public works heavily damaged or badly impacted by the recent torrential rain and flooding.

Natural disasters claim 267 lives over seven-month period

As many as 1,753 natural disasters hit Vietnam during the first seven months of the year, leaving 267 dead, 78 missing, and 291 injured, a conference of the national steering committee for natural disaster prevention and control heard on August 7.

Threat of landslides looms over Central Highlands, South Central Vietnam

In recent years, many serious landslides have taken a heavy toll on people’s lives and property, cutting off arterial roads.

Landslides, flooding kill 7, destroy property, roads

The northern region has been hit by prolonged heavy rain, resulting in severe landslides and flooding that claimed seven lives and three injuries, blocked numerous roadways, and caused significant damage to properties and infrastructure.

El Nino 2023: How bad will it be?

Climate change and natural and man-made disasters are seriously threatening water security, as Vietnam depends on water sources outside its territory.

Country to promote environmental protection in Da Lat

Da Lat is a city famous for its nature, mild climate, and flowers blooming year-round, but it is now coping with harsh natural disasters.