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VietNamNet Bridge - Though thousands of water reservoirs have been found unsafe, it is impossible to upgrade all of them because of a lack of funds.

Traditional funeral customs in central highlands

Charnel house building for the dead, one of the most important ceremonies in a person’s life for many ethnic groups in Viet Nam’s central highland region, takes place around October after harvest.

Migrant pressure on Central Highlands

A massive influx of migrants from remote northern provinces to the Tay Nguyen region has put intense pressure on the local population and has hindered socio-economic development.

Highlands deforestation continues as forest rangers lose control

The forests in Central Highlands have been disappearing at a rapid rate amid the helplessness of forest management units. In many ‘hot spots’, forests have been cleared, although they still exist on paper.

The forest treasure of a Hue village

VietNamNet Bridge - A village in the central city of Hue has decided to protect the loc vung (Barringtonia acutangula) forest, which is over 300 years old and called the ‘green lung of the village’.

Billionaire owns one of the most valuable orchid gardens in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Trinh Van Sy from Bao Loc district in Lam Dong province is one of the best-known orchid collectors in the country.

Hydropower plants in danger as water capacity reaches high levels

VietNamNet Bridge - Irrigation works and hydropower reservoirs are at risk of damage as the storm season has begun.

Protecting forests from illegal logging an uphill battle in Central Highlands

VietNamNet Bridge - In June 2016, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered closures of natural forests to prevent illegal logging. 

VN Central Highlands lack of bridges leading to danger

More than 700 households in three villages in Yang Tao Commune, Dak Lak Province must cross the Dak Pok River to reach their fields, as the region lacks bridges.

Macadamia growers warn against relying on Chinese market

Chinese enterprises want to buy Vietnam’s macadamia nuts in large quantity, but economists have advised Vietnamese enterprises to remain cautious when doing business with China.

12 die in head on truck-coach collision

 VietNamNet Bridge – A crash between a truck and a coach in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai early yesterday claimed 12 lives and injured 33 others. 

Vietnam garden has Israeli roots

Wanting to bring consumers clean and chemical-free vegetable products, an ambitious young crop scientist has acquired state-of-the-art technology from Israel to create an organic garden

Forests enrich illegal loggers: NA deputies

News about forest devastation cases occurring throughout the country have appeared in newspapers recently. Deforestation has also been a hot item on the agenda of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee.

China closes natural forests, Vietnam fears timber shortage

Up to 90 percent of timber in the Central Highlands has been sold to Chinese, according to locals. Chinese businesses have been flocking to Vietnam to buy wood as their government has closed natural forests in 14 provinces in the country. 

Report hails Tay Nguyen’s neighbour districts development

Twenty-nine mountainous districts bordering Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) have reportedly achieved progress in social and economic development throughout 2016.

Chinese rush to Vietnam to collect rubber wood

VietNamNet Bridge - Chinese businessmen have flocked to Vietnam to collect rubber wood and control 80 percent of rubber wood market share in the Central Highlands.

Moss-covered paths in Da Lat

Dalat was built by the French as a mountain retreat in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong. On November 8, it remains a favorite destination for tourists who wish to see French-built villas,

Central region, Central Highlands areas need new flood maps

The water discharge which caused heavy floods in lower Phu Yen province days ago reflected poor management over the operation of hydropower plants on Ba River, experts have said. 

Deforestation in Central Highlands’ forests continues

VietNamNet Bridge - The State has allocated forestland to private enterprises for management in an aim to improve protection of the forests. However, more forested areas have been devastated and more murder cases discovered.

Flooding takes 15 lives in central, Central Highlands

 Up to 15 people were killed and another six are missing from heavy downpours and flooding in the central region and the Central Highlands.