The Chinese enterprise’s move marks a major step in penetrating the SoutheastAsian market, after its operation of courier service in Thailand in early 2019.

Johnny Chou, founder, chairman and CEO of BEST, said the firm’s operation inVietnam is a remarkable milestone for its global strategy.

Chouhoped that BEST’s technology solutions will contribute to the development of thelogistics sector and digital economy in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

BEST’s logistics and supply chain services provide a high-quality option formerchants and consumers in Vietnam in the context that ASEAN is striving tobecome an increasingly important economic centre.

Withits plan to establish and operate a total of seven classification centres in theVietnamese market, the Chinese firm, in cooperation with BW Industrial, isbuilding a centre for classifying goods in HCM City.

Covering an area of 4.5 ha, the centre’s construction is scheduled to becompleted in April 2020, equipped with high-speed automatic classification linesand scanning systems of goods weight and dimension.  It also offers a smart storage service./. VNA