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Warehousing, logistics digitize thanks to e-commerce

Zebra Technologies believes that digital transformation will proceed quickly in Vietnam’s warehousing and logistics sector amid the rapid development of e-commerce.

Vietnam faces obstacles in joining multi-billion dollar logistics field

When joining the World Logistics Passport (WLP) program, enterprises will have favorable conditions in global logistics and trade activities. However, obstacles still exist in Vietnam.

Gov’t issues resolution on logistics development

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai has signed a resolution on key measures to enhance logistics services in Vietnam.

Green logistics to reduce costs for Vietnamese goods

Logistics firms want the government to provide capital to develop technology and digitization to manage the flow of goods to minimize import-export costs.

E-commerce boom: key for logistics development

With the explosion of online businesses, Vietnam's logistics and warehousing industry has many opportunities for development.

Online shopping spurs e-commerce logistics

A boom in online shopping and increasing numbers of internet and smartphone users have contributed to the growth of e-commerce logistics in Asia-Pacific, including Viet Nam.

Integrated port planning needs new vision

Apart from the Cat Lai Terminal in HCMC, surrounding ports will soon become overwhelmed as trade, container traffic and port calls by bigger ships have been forecast to rise. The planning of integrated ports is an urgent solution to this issue.

Lowering logistics costs key to competitiveness

Lowering logistics costs is key to increasing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s export products and the whole economy.

Synchronous solutions needed to lower logistics costs in Vietnam

Logistics enterprises must boost business co-operation, intensify investment in innovating reasonable operating and transportation methods, as well as strongly develop the nation’s shipping fleet in the future in an effort to reduce logistics costs.

Foreign capital flows into VN logistics sector

Foreign investors are pouring capital into Vietnam's logistics market to seize development opportunities after the pandemic.

Vietnam’s logistics market getting hot

The race to expand the logistics market share is getting hot when foreign businesses have continually been pouring capital into and scaling up their operations in Vietnam, Dau tu (Vietnam Investment Review) reported.

VN postal groups eye the logistics industry

Viettel Post and Vietnam Post are eying the local logistics market worth nearly 62 billion USD.

Investment sentiment upbeat in industrial property arena

The logistics sector has seen a number of large-scale investments in the first months of the year as it experiences a period of significant growth that is vital to the ongoing development of the country’s economic recovery.

Increased logistics costs hurt Vietnamese exporters

Logistics costs will continue to skyrocket as demand soars while supply will remain limited at least until the end of this year, said industry experts and businesses.


Vietnam to develop its own logistics services to Europe and America

Vietnam has many opportunities to enhance exports to the European and American markets but logistic issues are causing bottlenecks to this potential.


Outlook of logistics stocks promising next year: VCBS

After days of stability, many logistics stocks surged on the stock market. 

Maersk Vietnam announces its 30th Anniversary: New goal for elevation in the world’s logistics map

Over the past 30 years, Maersk has gradually contributed to putting Vietnam on the international logistics map.

Healthy competition crucial for e-commerce logistics

Better regulations are expected to come into play to facilitate the growth of Vietnam’s e-commerce logistics sector.

Long-term prospects outlast supply chain concerns

Vietnam’s rising involvement in global supply chain networks has been hampered by the pandemic, but its increasingly important role in the long term is not judged to be at risk.

VN industrial, logistics real estate a resilient asset class: analysts

Demand for e-commerce and pharmaceuticals ensure that the industrial and logistics real estate segments remain the most resilient asset class in 2021, experts have said.