Update news Christmas

All routes leading to St Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi’s Nha Tho Street will face limits to the number of people and vehicles entering and leaving this area on Christmas Eve, local police have announced.

People buy Christmas presents to help forget pandemic

Without a significant Christian community, the purchasing power for pine trees and decorations for Christmas was still expected to increase in Vietnam as people long for a festive season after a long period of social distancing.

Christmas overwhelms downtown Hanoi

Since Christmas is just a few days away, the festive atmosphere has overwhelmed every corner of downtown Hanoi.

Christmas pine trees from Russia sell for first time in Vietnam, more affordable than Danish

Christmas pine trees’ longer journey from Denmark before arriving in Vietnam means they have a higher price than the more affordable trees from Russia.

Fresh pine trees become popular for Christmas decorations

Imported fresh pine trees and branches have become hot items for Christmas decorations in Vietnam this year.

Christmas atmosphere darkened by Covid-19 pandemic

Hotels, restaurants and families are spending less money on Christmas decorations this year and many have not kicked off their decoration plans.

Fresh pine trees become popular for Christmas decorations in Vietnam

Imported fresh pine trees and branches have become hot items for Christmas decorations in Vietnam this year.

Expats enjoy full and peaceful Christmas in Vietnam amid COVID-19

While many countries are celebrating the 2020 Christmas season with restrictions in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Vietnam, including foreigners, are immersing themselves in a full and peaceful Christmas atmosphere.

Students play Santas, spread Christmas joy in HCM City

Since the beginning of December, university students and fresh graduates in HCM City have been dressing up as the Father Christmas to deliver presents and spend time playing with children.

Christmas atmosphere overwhelms Vietnam

A new Christmas festive season has swept through provinces and cities across the country on December 24 despite the cold weather.

Churches in Hanoi shine with colourful decorations ahead of Christmas

Churches throughout the capital have been transformed with an array of colourful decorations in the buildup to Christmas. Let’s take a tour around Hanoi to discover the changes occurring with Christmas Eve fast approaching.

Imported Christmas trees prove popular among buyers in Hanoi

Pine trees imported from foreign markets are much sought after by Vietnamese customers in the buildup to Christmas, despite their high prices, with each item usually costing tens of millions of VND.

Christmas party to be hosted by Hanoi Opera House

Both timeless and modern Christmas hits will be performed by foreign and Vietnamese artists in a music programme that will be held in August Revolution Square in front of Hanoi Opera House on Christmas Eve, running from 8pm until midnight.

Top locations for Xmas, New Year’s Eve celebrations

Many places throughout the country are set to hold coming Christmas and New Year festivals with significant discounts on offer to lure additional domestic tourists.

Hanoi to host music gala as part of Christmas Eve celebrations

The capital is set to witness the debut of the Hanoi Retro and Rap Xmas Party for Christmas Eve, with the celebration scheduled to get underway at August Revolution Square on the night of December 24.

Sparkling Hanoi welcomes Xmas 2020

The Christmas atmosphere has filled Hanoi streets with Xmas colours illuminating every corner of the capital city.

Retired teacher in HCM City produces festive items from eggshells

70-year-old Nguyen Thanh Tam of Go Vap District in HCM City has created his own collection entirely made from eggshells, including a range of decorative items for Christmas which impresses visitors due to their lively and eye-catching nature.

Hanoi churches prepare for Christmas celebration

Churches in Hanoi have been colourfully decorated to celebrate Christmas.

How are HCM City locals celebrating the holiday this year?

Restriction on social contacts might have changed how HCM City locals are approaching this year's festive season, but the “holiday spirit” has remained about the same.

Southern dioceses well decorated ahead of Christmas Eve

Visiting HCM City this time of the year, churches and dioceses are seen being well decorated to celebrate Christmas 2020, offering travelers an exciting opportunity to enjoy the festivities.