In the southern province of An Giang, the beautiful An Hao Solar Power Plant is a typical work in the local government’s social-economic development strategy.

The solid "tripod" relationship including the state, people and businesses has created a consistent and synchronous development for the renewable energy industry of An Giang.

"Green tourism" become a trend

Sao Mai Group has implemented professional and methodical strategies to successfully enter in this new indsutry. Like others, the group has had to struggle against the Covid-19 epidemic, and later the global economic crisis. However, it has flexibly restructured its business to create "immunity" for itself to survive and sustainably develop in the new period full of challenges.

Sao Mai Group has taken advantage of its high-quality human resources, accumulated knowledge and skills learned from many leading countries in the field of solar energy development to apply in its solar energy projects in Vietnam. The group officially entered this business in 2016. So far, Sao Mai Solar has been listed in the top 10 typical renewable energy projects in Vietnam for several consecutive years.

Sao Mai Aquarium

According to Ms. Christine Gandomi - Executive Director of the Office of Environment & Energy of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Vietnam, said: "The An Hao Solar Power Plant operates highly effectively".

During the process of developing solar energy projects in Vietnam, Sao Mai Group has attached great importance to the harmonious and close combination of three aspects of development: economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. After the An Hao Solar Power Plant was put into operation, many groups of students, domestic and foreign tourists called the plant operators to ask for permission to visit this place. So far, this plant has become a new tourist attraction in An Giang Province.

A place of harmony between man and nature

Realizing the need of tourists to explore this place, Sao Mai Group has decided to develop the tourism potential of its "Solar Farm" in parallel with power production. The An Hao Solar Power Park has appeared peacefully and beautifully amid the battery field, adjacent to the foot of the Thien Cam Son Mount. The solar farm has quickly become a famous tourist site in An Giang.

An Hao Solar Power Park has attracted large numbers of tourists in recent years. The most prominent "energy capital" in the country’s southwest now "plays" the role of a tourism ambassador with the task of spreading the quintessential beauty of An Giang to international friends.

 Where love begins

The "green heritage" is also attractive thanks to the beauty of thousands of rows of green batteries that follow each other to form graceful "curves". The ideal time to visit An Hao Solar Power Park is early in the morning, when visitors can watch the sunrise on the mountain town, the first rays of the sun lift the curtain of clouds and spread a brilliant gold cover on the surface of Thien Canh Lake.

This is the place where everythings from plants, flowers, and birds sing joyful songs to welcome the new day, ready to cherish visitors' emotions. Travel enthusiasits, young people have flocked to this site to take unique photo shoots on the field of star flowers, the field of sunflowers, Thien Canh Lake, Sao Mai Aquarium, Sheep Hill and countless miniatures there.

A charming girl in the sunflower field

Visitors have a lot of love for the wonderful natural scenery and are really impressed when they witness the modern way of operation of the An Hao Solar Power Plant. Leading experts and scientific researchers highly appreciate Sao Mai Solar for its maximum efficiency for the national energy industry. In the near future, Sao Mai Group will continue to accompany the domestic energy industry to wake up new vitality and new aura to relieve pressure from the current energy shortage.

Minh Ngoc