In the article CNN revealed that the broth is simmered for hours with cinnamon, star anise, and other warm spices in order to create a wonderfully aromatic base for this rice noodle soup.

The website also quoted Andrea Nguyen, author of "The Pho Cookbook, as sayings that Pho is among the nation’s most recognised culinary exports, despite the soup being a relatively new food.

Andrea Nguyen went on to explain that while today's pho restaurants typically serve a wide range of different flavours, beef is the original.

By 1930, the soup was being served with slices of raw beef cooked gently in the broth, the author added.

According to details given by the website, beef pho remains the most beloved version in the nation, with options including the original raw beef, a mix of raw and cooked beef, along with brisket and tendon.

Rounding off the list of the top 20 best soups in the world are Bouillabaisse of France, Caldo verde of Portugal, Chorba frik of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, Chupe de camarones of Peru, Gazpacho of Spain, Groundnut soup of West Africa, Gumbo of United States, and Harira of Morocco.

This is in addition to Kharcho of Georgia, Lanzhou beef noodle soup of China, Mohinga of Myanmar, Menudo of Mexico, Moqueca de camarão of Brazil, Soto ayam of Indonesia, and Tom yum goong of Thailand.

Source: VOV