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VN’s southern durian, an ideal ingredient to make many tasty dishes

Durian sticky rice is so popular that almost all housewives in southern provinces know how to cook it for their family or to sell it in the markets or street pavements, said Master chef Phạm Tuấn Hải.

Hanoi’s eel noodle soup earns Michelin nod, attracts global palates

In a bustling corner of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, on Hang Dieu Street, lies the 40-year-old restaurant Dong Thinh, renowned for its eel noodle soup.

Foreign travelers enthralled by Ninh Binh's unique Bun Cha Quat

Jayesh Chchaya from the UK and his girlfriend Karolina from Poland, renowned for their passion for travel, recently shared their captivating culinary experience in Ninh Binh, on their YouTube channel.

Thai YouTuber falls for Vietnamese banh xeo and street food

During his first taste of Vietnamese banh xeo, Apiwich Ektarawong expressed great satisfaction, commending the crispy exterior and the harmonious sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Vermicelli bread: The must-try Vietnamese snack captivating Hai Duong

Hai Duong's renowned vermicelli bread has become a beloved breakfast treat, drawing crowds willing to wait up to 30 minutes for a taste.

Hidden gems in Hanoi's Old Quarter: Pho spots that retain loyal customers

Small, charming eateries serve up authentic pho experiences amidst narrow alleys.

Savor the summer with Hanoi’s fefreshing Banh duc nom

Unlike the traditional bánh đúc served with soy sauce or the warm bánh đúc, this refreshing Hanoi dish features sliced bánh đúc, fresh herbs, and a cool, flavorful broth, making it a perfect treat to beat the summer heat.

Michelin-selected Mrs. Hoanh's Banh Cuon draws crowds in Hanoi

The over 70-year-old Banh Cuon Ba Hoanh restaurant on To Hien Thanh Street, Hanoi, is a familiar address for many diners. It is one of the five eateries in Hanoi included in the Michelin Selected 2024 list.

Exploring Hanoi's culinary gems: Top 5 Bun Cha restaurants not to miss

When embarking on a culinary journey in Hanoi, visitors are often drawn to the delightful aroma and flavors of bun cha, a beloved traditional dish. Here are five must-visit bun cha restaurants that promise an unforgettable dining experience:

Foreign travelers have unexpected reactions to strong smell of shrimp paste

Bun dau mam tom (vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste), which has been voted one of the worst dishes in Vietnam by a foreign magazine, turns out to be a favorite of many foreign travelers.

TasteAtlas picks out two local dishes among world’s 100 best rated snacks

Two Vietnamese dishes, including chả giò (fried spring rolls) and chạo tôm (sugar cane shrimp), have been listed among the 100 best rated snacks in the world, according to international food website TasteAtlas.

American expat surprised about supersized Vietnamese sandwich

The American man was attracted by the giant sandwich, smelling delicious at a bread shop in Tan Binh district in HCM City. The sandwich was filled with 3 kilograms of roasted pork, roasted duck, and char siu.

Gluten-free blogger shares her tips on Vietnam

After may years living in Hanoi, Klair Simpson has launched a blog highlighting Vietnamese cuisine worldwide, while also sharing valuable insights to help gluten-intolerant individuals enjoy fantastic culinary experiences.

Salt coffee: Vietnam's latest global coffee trend

How a small coffcee shop in Hue created a global trend with its unique salt coffee.

Exploring Vietnam's most expensive Pho with American foodies

The bowl of pho, priced at over 4 million VND, includes many high-quality ingredients while retaining the traditional flavor of Vietnamese pho.

Sour ant salad: A Thai delicacy in Mai Chau that stuns and delights

The unique sour ant salad, a delicacy of the Thai people in Mai Chau, garners praise for its distinct flavor.

Australian YouTuber dares to try Vietnam’s most challenging dish in Ha Giang

After witnessing the process of making soup from young goat droppings, a foreign tourist mustered up the courage to try it.

Four Vietnamese pork dishes featured in Taste Atlas' Top 100

The culinary website Taste Atlas recently listed Vietnamese bun cha, com tam suon, nem lui, and thit kho in the "Top 100 Best Pork Dishes in the World."

Craving crab noodle soup in Hanoi? Here are 5 must-try restaurants

When in Hanoi, the culinary adventure isn't complete without indulging in the delightful flavors of crab noodle soup. Here are five exceptional eateries that promise an unforgettable dining experience:

Japanese couple brave snake cuisines in Hanoi’s famous snake village

In a remarkable culinary adventure, Japanese tourists Masami and his wife Yumika, guided by renowned YouTuber Kazuki Matsumoto (Kiki), experienced the unique flavors of snake cuisine in Hanoi's Le Mat village.