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In the central highlands city of Dalat, banh uot long ga (a steamed rice cake with chicken and innards) is a common breakfast staple, which should not be eaten in a rush.

Spicy ‘banh mi’: A speciality of Hai Phong

Among the different versions of ‘banh mi’ available in Vietnam, the ‘banh mi cay’ (spicy ‘banh mi’) of Hai Phong may be the humblest, consisting of just a baguette, some pate and a squeeze of local chilli sauce.

Banh canh he: Phu Yen's unforgettable dish

The central coastal province of Phu Yen is not only famous for its beautiful beaches that lure travellers from far and wide but also for its bánh canh hẹ, a chive noodle soup.

Rice-paper cracker dish in central Vietnam: Cheap delicacy

“Banh dap”, a fine combination of roasted rice paper and steamed rice pancake, is a cheap delicacy in the central region with unique flavors.

Sour pork - a treat to taste buds

Sour pork, a traditional dish of the Muong ethnic people in the northern province of Phu Tho, is usually served on special occasions such as traditional festivals and the New Year.

Vietnamese orange cake named as one of best fried foods around the world

Orange cake, a delicious food in Vietnam is listed as one of 30 best fried foods around the world, according to the CNN.

“Hell” rice that tastes like heaven

Among the specialties of the ancient city of Hue, Com am phu, or “Hell” rice, stands out with its combination of white rice, pork, shrimp, egg and herbs, culminating in a flavorsome experience.

Try some typical Muong grub

The Mường ethnic people living in Hòa Bình, Thanh Hóa or Phú Thọ share the same origin and almost the same way of living in harmony with nature.

Nha Trang’s steamed sticky rice with braised anchovies offers a unique taste of the sea

Nha Trang is not just well known for its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, but also many tasty dishes such as ‘xoi’ (steamed sticky rice) with braised anchovies, locally referred to as ‘xoi ca com’.

Roasted bee pupae: A starter to get the taste buds buzzing

A visit to midland and mountainous regions this season offers a golden chance for people to try the roasted pupae of forest bees.

Nha Trang’s vermicelli soup for the soul

The central coastal city of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Province is well-known for its wide range of seafood specialties. Of them, the flavorsome fish paste vermicelli soup is a favorite among foodies.

The taste of turmeric: Thai Binh's turmeric cake

Thai Binh Province is well known for its ‘banh nghe’ (turmeric cake), a traditional rice-based cake that has existed for hundreds of years.

Big cities can't get enough of Kênh tofu

Different from Hanoi’s famous Mơ tofu, soya curds from Kênh in Thai Binh are well known far and wide for being thin, just 0.5 cm, and has a buttery and fragrant taste.

Specialty of U Minh: delectable bee pupae dish

Silkworm pupae are perhaps too familiar to need more explanation. Ca Mau is home to what is known as U Minh's first specialty: bee pupae (young bees).

The quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine: Hanoi spring rolls

Hanoi’s typical dishes with many variants always cause nostalgia for children who live far from their homeland.

Visiting Nghe An to enjoy lemongrass and chilli snails

Nghe An is not only well known for its eel dishes but also different types of fried snails that, with a pungent taste and delicious characteristics of citronella, are impossible to forget. 

Four delicious cakes you should not miss when traveling in An Giang

Each region has its own culinary specialties. The southern province of An Giang has an extremely rich and typical cuisine. Here are the four dishes that tourists should try when they visit An Giang.

The strangest 'tree climbing fish' on the planet lives in Vietnam

“Thoi loi” (giant mudskipper) is one of the strangest fish on the planet because it can both dive deep under water and hang on trees. This is a specialty fish in some mangrove areas in Vietnam.

American food blogger who loves Vietnamese cuisine

Food blogger Corrin Carlson knows only too well that the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Food tours in Vietnam voted among best in the world

Exploring HCM City’s street food on a motorbike has been selected as one of the top food experiences in the whole world.