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Cable news network CNN listed top 10 marvelous destinations in Vietnam in 2021. 

CNN releases “Why not Vietnam” video for tourism promotion campaign

A 30-second video titled “Why not Vietnam” will be broadcast on news broadcaster Cable News Network (CNN) of the United States starting from October 15 to advertise Vietnamese tourism worldwide.

Vietnam “most outstanding” in handling coronavirus - Media

Vietnam has reported no single coronavirus-related deaths and the country is gradually returning to normal.

Life in Vietnam gradually returns to normal: CNN

The US-based news channel CNN on May 15 ran an article which depicts life in Vietnam after lifting social distancing measures .

Vietnam’s Golden Bridge among world’s most stunning bridges

The Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) in the central coastal city of Da Nang has been ranked amongst the 28 most stunning bridges around the world by Insider, a leading US news site.

Hanoi halts $4 million tourism promotion package on CNN

Hanoi has halted the 2019-24 tourism promotion package worth US$4 million with the US Cable News Network (CNN) due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong honoured by Forbes in COVID-19 fight

Forbes Asia has recognised Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong as an influential figure who has notably contributed to joint efforts to halt the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Vietnam “rice ATMs” spotlighted on international news

“Rice ATMs” which have been set up around Vietnam to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic have been featured by international news broadcasters over the last few days.

CNN places Phu Quoc among best destinations in Asia

Phu Quoc Island off the coast of Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang has been named among the 17 best places in Asia by Cable News Network (CNN).

Google Doodles honours Vietnam’s “Banh mi”

An animated image of Vietnam’s “banh mi” (bread) was featured on Google’s homepage on March 24.

Hoi An among world’s most romantic places

Hoi An ancient city in Vietnam’s central coastal province of Quang Nam has been selected by the US Cable News Network (CNN) as one of the world’s 13 most romantic places to visit.

Heritages prove to be driver of Hanoi’s tourism development

In recent years, Hanoi has established itself as a magnet for visitors from both across the country and around the world, a status the city has achieved largely by bringing into play its long-standing heritages.

Pho and spring rolls among world's 50 best foods

CNN has recently named two Vietnamese classics, Pho and spring rolls, in its list of the world's 50 best foods.

The Travel lists Hanoi among ten places to visit in Vietnam

Hanoi, a blend of old and modern values, East and West, promises to offer nice surprises to visitors.

CNN's "Iconic Hanoi" to be aired this month

In 2019, CNN will broadcast 15 clips of 60 seconds each about Hanoi on its international channel.

CNN’s videos help Hanoi lure more international visitors

The publicity campaign on Hanoi conducted by the US Cable News Network (CNN) under an MoU with the city has helped attract international holiday-makers to the Vietnamese capital, according to Hanoi’s Department of Tourism.

CNN suggests exotic meal at 200-year-old snake village in Hanoi

The CNN team described snake spring rolls, filled with ground reptile meat are “tasty and fresh with herbs found in all Vietnamese cuisine”.

CNN’s short videos on Hanoi attract foreign viewers

Advertising clips by CNN to promote Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi have attracted a lot of foreign viewers during their broadcasts from June 3 to August 31 as part of the bilateral tourism deal.



Searching for best pho in Hanoi is worth-a-try experience: CNN

Hanoi is considered the birthplace of the de facto national dish, so CNN makes sense when suggesting travelers to seek for the best bowl of pho in the capital.


Hoi An among Asia's most picturesque towns

Hoi An ancient town in the central province of Quang Nam has been listed among CNN's 13 of Asia's most picturesque towns.