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The Co Tu ethnic people of Tay Giang district in the central province of Quang Nam have a special ‘wine’ called Tr’din.

Co Tu people help save freshwater fish from extinction

Scientists are working with the Co Tu community on a conservation programme to sustain levels of freshwater fish.

Co Tu people offer traditions to tourists

A few years ago, Co Tu villagers in Nam Giang District could not imagine that their community’s daily activities could bring them a significant income source. By sharing their rice preparation, rattan knitting, cooking, singing

Discover a different Quang Nam to the West

 VietNamNet Bridge – The central province of Quang Nam is often known for its sunny Cua Dai beach, tranquil Hoi An Ancient Town and the mysterious My Son sanctuary.

Co Tu people enter bamboo shoot collecting season

 VietNamNet Bridge – In the rainy season between the fifth and ninth months of the lunar calendar in the west of Quang Nam Province, Co Tu people often come to forests in Truong Son Mountain Range to collect bamboo shoots.

Tasting Co Tu people’s wine

 VietNamNet Bridge – Having heard about the fame of the wine made by Co Tu ethnic minority in the mountainous district of Tay Giang in Quang Nam Province, we took a trip there to learn more about the unique beverage.

Restoring the disappearing Co Tu clan homes

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Co Tu ethnic minority's clan homes are seeing the dark side of modernisation: the destruction of tradition. But the district is working to change that. Nguyen Thanh-Trung Hieu reports.

Co Tu people’s insect dishes

 VietNamNet Bridge – Coming to the western upland of Quang Nam Province on the central coast, visitors can experience unique daily activities of Co Tu ethnic minority, and one of them is to catch insects to make dishes.

Breathing new life into an old lifestyle

Bho Hoong Village enjoys cool weather all year round, and has amazing scenery. But visitors get their biggest kicks from the direct glimpses they get into the lifestyle, culture and special skills of the village's Co Tu ethnic minority residents.

Wine made from Ta-vat trees in Quang Nam

Without brewing or fermentation, the wine extracted from the fruits of ta vat trees in Quang Nam province has sweet and slightly bitter taste, spicy and tingling on the tongue-- which fascinates anyone who has an opportunity to taste.