Coc Coc, a well-known Vietnamese browser and search engine, on May 29 officially introduced dual products integrated with ChatGPT 3.5 – Coc Coc AI Chat and Coc Coc AI Search into the Vietnamese market.

These are the two first products in the Coc Coc AI Lab ecosystem, a division in charge of researching and developing AI-based products which has just been established by the company.

Coc Coc wants to contribute to affirming that Vietnam is capable of mastering advanced technologies and is ready to compete equally with the world’s tech giants.

Coc Coc AI Lab’s mission is researching, developing and integrating the newest and most convenient products using AI on the Coc Coc browser and search engine. Users can experience the apps for free.

Coc Coc AI Chat is a chatbot application of the Large Language Model (LLM) developed based on the GPT 3.5 model and data from Coc Coc search. 

The product can provide answers in documents in a quick, updated and accurate way. It gives the best support in the Vietnamese language. Also, it can support translation queries in English and give answers in Vietnamese.

The typical difference of the chatbot lies in the capability of understanding the Vietnamese language and processing accurate queries related to typical Vietnamese culture – which similar products available in the market do not have. By giving natural and friendly responses, the feature can support users with a Vietnamese AI assistant.

Users can chat with Coc Coc AI Chat to get answers on a variety of topics, create content, and handle language-related tasks such as summarizing, translating documents and more.

Currently, users can access this feature using access points on the Coc Coc browser. For computer browsers, users can access it with a shortcut on the sidebar (left or right). For mobile browsers, users can access it via a shortcut on the home screen and search suggestions in the address bar. After registering to join the waiting list, Coc Coc will send a confirmation email and notification email when Coc Coc AI Chat is ready for the experience.

Coc Coc AI Search is the feature that gives answers by using AI to summarize content from the results related to users’ queries, allowing users to receive results quickly, accurately and safely while no need to access to many webs.

Instead of having to spend time reading and selecting information from different sources from search engines, users just type the content they are interested in, and the feature will give answers just within two seconds.

Trong Dat