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Colourful coral reefs shine in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam that covers 480 hectares and consists of 360 types of hard and dozens of soft corals.

Snorkelling is a popular service for tourists in Phu Quoc with clear water and beautiful coral reefs with lots of fish. The snorkelling spots are mostly in the southern part of the island and the most popular are the dive sites off the coast of An Thoi Archipelago which consists of dozens of islands like the Pineapple Island and the Coconut Island.

At some locations, tourists can easily see the coral reefs under the shallow water. Tourists can already find many coral reefs under two to four metres deep and the marine life becomes more diverse at greater depths. From Phu Quoc Island, tourists can take a boat for two hours or use the cable which only takes 20 minutes to go to An Thoi Archipelago.

Three popular services are snorkelling, diving and scuba, and sea walking. The package prices are also different, ranging from VND280,000 (USD12) to VND350,000 for snorkelling, VND900,000 to VND1m for diving and scuba and VND950,000 for sea walking service per person to get to the bottom of the ocean and get even closer to the corals and fish.

The tourists are advised to wear flip flops or sandals, swim suits and to bring one or two outfits to change later. They should also bring a water-proof bag for their mobile phones. They should check the mask for fitting and must always follow the instructions.

The Phu Quoc Coral Park-Seaworld is the first coral park in Vietnam. It is preserving 200 types of coral and anemones, 100 types of fish and other marine life in An Thoi.

Some photos of the coral reefs:






Phu Quoc Island threatened by rubbish

Phu Quoc Island threatened by rubbish

Phu Quoc authorities are struggling to find waste treatment solutions as the pollution problem on the island has worsened.

Phu Quoc seeks to become Vietnam’s first island city

Phu Quoc seeks to become Vietnam’s first island city

If you like to dive into reefs, kayak in bays, hire a motorbike to explore, or just lounge on a beach, Phu Quoc Island is what you are looking for.