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Banks develop new businesses to expand operations

A commercial bank owned by a businessman that once had a startup in Eastern Europe has decided to invest in a new business as bank share prices have fallen.

Banks use rising profits to raise capital, but don’t pay dividends

Techcombank continues to apply a ‘contractionary policy’, once again deciding not to pay dividends, but instead use the money to increase charter capital.

Banks prepare capital to meet credit demands in 2022

Banks have been increasing the attraction of deposits to have enough capital for the credit needs of customers. Credit demand is expected to increase from the first quarter of this year.

Has Eximbank found light at the end of the tunnel?

The decade-long power struggle at Eximbank has blocked tens of trillions of dong worth of dividends and trapped shareholders. The problem may be solved after the latest move of the foreign shareholder.

Banks agree to reduce lending interest rates from July

Commercial banks have agreed to slash the lending interest rate in order to help businesses and people overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Banks make huge profits, have prosperous Tet

Overcoming a stormy year, commercial banks have reported huge profits for 2020. Bank share prices are standing firmly at high levels.

Bao Minh Insurance plans to divest from MBB

Bao Minh Securities Corporation (BMI) has registered to sell all of its shares in Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MBB), according to an announcement from the HCM City Stock Exchange (HoSE).

Local banks warn they may become ‘hostage’ of businesses

If large businesses cannot pay their debts, they may put pressure on banks to lower requirements for loans.

Is there a new wave of bank shares landing in VN stock market?

Commercial banks have six months to fulfill procedures to list their shares on the bourse, as requested by the Prime Minister.

Vietnamese banking system sees big changes

Private banks that can satisfy the requirements on capital adequacy ratio (CAR) now have great opportunities to obtain bigger market share.

Local banks expect credit growth extension

Many commercial banks are proposing the central bank to extend credit growth limits as they have nearly reached the allowed threshold.

VN banking sector 2020: lower profitability, higher vulnerability anticipated

Commercial banks all can anticipate a sharp fall in profits this year because of Covid-19, though they faced difficulties later than other businesses.

The dilemma of commercial banks

Banks have been warned of a sharp profit decline because of minus credit growth and higher provisions against risks.

VN banks eye post-pandemic business opportunities

Banks are ready to seize business opportunities in the coming months as the COVID-19 pandemic has been basically controlled in Vietnam and domestic production and business are expected to accelerate soon.


Credit declines in first half of April due to COVID-19 pandemic

Low demand for capital due to COVID-19 has caused bank credit in the first half of April to drop 0.5 percent compared with the end of March, according to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV).

Finance Ministry asks insurers not to sell COVID-19-related products

The Ministry of Finance has asked insurers to stop introducing and selling insurance packages related to COVID-19.

Foreign currency market stabilised following central bank’s intervention

The US dollar on March 25 depreciated against the Vietnamese dong after the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) sold the greenback on the cheap to stabilise the local foreign exchange market.

Banks lower interest rates following SBV’s policy rate cut

By March 17 noon, most of the commercial banks in Vietnam had lowered their interest rates on savings accounts with terms of less than 6 months after the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced its policy rate cut a day earlier.

Epidemic causes credit growth to slow significant in first two months

Credit growth of the banking system in the first two months of this year reached only 0.06 percent, slowing significantly against the 1 percent rate in the same period last year, due to impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Local commercial banks cut interbank transfer fees

Seventeen out of 45 commercial banks slashed the fees for interbank transfers of small sums worth less than VND500,000 ($21.5).