Update news conglomerates

VietNamNet Bridge - The four Asian giants predicted to be able to change the face of some industries and economic branches in Vietnam include CJ Group (South Korea), Ayala (the Philippines), SCG (Thailand) and Central Group (Thailand).

Vietnamese tycoons compete with big foreign companies

VietNamNet Bridge - In many ‘duels’, it is not the foreign giants with powerful financial capability and experience, but rather the Vietnamese conglomerateswho are the winners.

A lot of big guys met crushing misfortune in 2013

 VietNamNet Bridge – 2013 was a horrible year for some state owned conglomerates which were considered the “iron fists,” or the “motive force” of the national economy.

Leaving non-core business fields, conglomerates escape from marsh

Withdrawing capital from the business fields in which they don’t have advantages and experiences--after a period of incurring loss, economic groups have recovered their strength.