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Q2 rice exports forecast to grow; FDI capital on rise in HCMC; Vietnam parboiled rice has price advantage; Bad debt in Vietnam reaches alarming rates; Air-con prices up 15% given ballooning demand

Businesses wait for government’s action plan to plan their actions

Vietnamese and Japanese businesses plan to join forces with develop priority industries. However, they still cannot map out any business plans until a government’s action plan is approved.

Mobile network operators told to “live together” with OTT

Mobile network operators have been told to get adapted to the OTT-age instead of trying to eliminate it.

Vietnam strives to obtain $10 billion in revenue from tourism

While the Vietnam National Tourism Administration (VNAT) highly appreciated the achievements and set ambitious plans on tourism development, travel firms feel depressed about the future.


Cambodia party delegation welcomed in Hanoi; Judicial Reform Committee meets in Hanoi; RoK, Vietnam sign anti-corruption pact; Vietnam, France moving towards strategic partnership

Gas hydrate and Vietnam’s choice

Vietnam has intensified the research on gas hydrate on its waters and continental shelf.

Vietnamese play nasty tricks on each other, foreigners run away

VietNamNet Bridge – The disunity has a part in the current difficulties Vietnamese businesses are facing.

Travel firms don’t cooperate to overcome difficulties, but try to sink others

Travel firms complain that their business have never been so bad. Not only facing the sharp fall in the number of travelers, they have also struggle to escape the tricks played by rivals.

Tour fee reductions raise worries about tour quality

Travel firms have marketed a series of tours with attractive low fees for March in an effort to lure more travelers.


Mekong Delta rice exports up 18 percent; Trade with Bangladesh down; Real estate giant VinGroup hits record revenue; Province to revoke 8 mining licences; New opportunities for US investors

Expectations of the new Asian dragon

VietNamNet Bridge - 20 years ago, Australia expected that Vietnam would become an "Asian dragon" when it dedicated priorities, economic and business opportunities to Vietnam.

Australian minister who has “predestined ties” with Vietnam

Exactly 40 years ago, on February, 26, 1973, shortly after the Paris Agreement on Vietnam was signed, Canberra made a decision that was later considered as a "political breakthrough."

Vietnam’s garments & software competent enough in Japanese eyes

Vietnam now absolutely can replace Japan in making garments and software. However, it’s still unclear if Vietnam can grab the opportunities.


Mai Linh to sell assets to clear VND500 billion debts; Many firms fail to pay social insurance; Power price hike hits steel, cement producers; Logistics needs 20,000 more laborers; 2013: good time for business startups

International call charges lifted, but worries existing

Vietnamese feel happy when Vietnamese telcos have reached a consensus in the pricing policy on international call charges. However, a new worry has been raised that the number of illicit international calls would increase.

NA leader’s visits to Thailand and Japan

 VietNamNet Bridge – National Assembly (NA) Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung’s visits to Thailand and Japan aim to strengthen legislative ties between Vietnam and these two countries.

Promoting cooperation, development within ASEAN

 VietNamNet Bridge – State President Truong Tan Sang’s recent visits to Brunei Darussalam and Myanmar have opened up new opportunities for cooperation between Vietnam and these two countries.


Spain cuts funding for Metro Line No. 5; HCM City yet to start tunnel toll collection; Exports hit over US$104 billion in 11 months; Over US$12 billion in FDI; November CPI rises 0.47 percent; Trade surplus worth US$64 million