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MoF said that investors need to be aware of and accept the risks when buying bonds in case the enterprise cannot guarantee its obligation to pay the bond principal and interest.

Will a ‘debt bomb’ explode as VND230 trillion worth of bonds reach maturity?

From now to the end of 2022, the number of corporate bonds to reach maturity will increase, estimated at tens of thousands of dong each month.

Central bank inspectorate probes several banks holding corporate bonds

The State Bank of Vietnam has been conducting inspections into seven banks that have invested in corporate bonds following the Prime Minister’s instruction ordering relevant authorities to tighten legal compliance in the stock and bond markets.

VN real estate bonds shackled by rules

Although experts believe that rating agencies are an indispensable element of a healthy and transparent market, and a significant fundraising channel, real estate developers may suffer hurdles due to stringent bond issuance rules.

Corporate bond issuance drops sharply after arrest of Tan Hoang Minh chair

After the cancelation of nine corporate bond issuances of three companies related to Tan Hoang Minh, the volume of private offerings fell sharply by 33 percent to VND30 trillion in April.

Making the financial market healthy

Central authorities have sent out a strong message that the securities and corporate bond markets will be made healthy and transparent. Their move came after serious infringements were detected on these markets.

Businesses nervous as interest rates escalate

Interest rates in the market in recent days have been unfavorable for businesses.

Fake news, rumors besiege stock market

Law enforcement agencies have prosecuted and detained Facebooker Dang Nhu Quynh and charged him with alleged posting of false information on social networks.

PM orders stricter monitoring of corporate bond issuance and land auctions

After a number of violations reported in corporate bond issuances and the auctions of land use rights, the Prime Minister has called for stricter monitoring over these activities.

Corporate bonds under tight control this year

As the corporate bond market has shown signs of fast growth, this capital mobilisation channel will be closely inspected and controlled this year.

Banks warned of risks as they hold large amount of realty bonds

As major buyers in the market, commercial banks are holding large amounts of corporate bonds, mostly realty bonds. The central bank has issued a warning about the risks with the bonds.

Evergrande’s debt bomb a lesson for Vietnam

Experts believe that the huge debt of $300 billion incurred by Chinese Evergrande will have an indirect impact on Vietnam.

Finance Ministry urges stricter control over risky corporate bonds in Vietnam

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has tightened control over risky corporate bond issuance.

Corporate bond rush heads for slowdown

With Vietnamese regulators’ efforts to minimise the risks of corporate bonds’ mass issuance, the landscape is predicted to be cooled down compared to a frenzy of debt instruments in the previous period.

Vietnam raises US$1.7 billion via government bonds in Q1

As of March, the total value of G-bonds reached more than VND1,340 trillion ($58.3 billion), slightly down 0.7% against late 2020.

Real estate bond interest rates are too high, say experts

The HCM City Real Estate Association (HOREA), in its report about the real estate market in 2020 and prospects in 2021, says the real estate bond market will continue to grow well this year.

Meeting expectations of the corporate bond market

A new government decree tightens conditions on the issuance of corporate bonds. However, before the decree came into effect, enterprises flooded the market with new issuances.

Businesses race against the clock to issue bonds

Large corporations are rushing to seek capital through bond issuances before a new regulation, with stricter requirements, takes effect.

Will demand for corporate bonds become weaker because of a new law?

Under the amended Enterprise Law ratified by the National Assembly on June 17, nonprofessional investors are prohibited from trading corporate bonds issued in private offerings from January 1, 2021.

Corporate bond activity welcome as market shocks persist unabated

The recent skyrocketing demand for corporate bonds, fuelled by lowered interest rates and ebb and flow of the economy, has raised questions of high-yield coming with high risks.