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Hanoi reported 93 positive cases of COVID-19 including 54 community cases from 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday.

Localities asked to be proactive as new COVID-19 clusters emerge

Localities across the country need to remain proactive in dealing with new COVID-19 clusters, said members of the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in a recent meeting.

Mekong Delta faces risk of COVID-19 outbreak

As the number of new COVID-19 community cases continues to increase, the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta is facing a risk of a large-scale outbreak.

COVID-19 patients who do not meet home quarantine criteria have option to pay and stay at a hotel

COVID-19 patients in HCM City who do not meet the criteria for home quarantine will be allowed to stay at a designated quarantine facility in their local area or at their company, 

Mekong Delta localities raise COVID-19 alert level as cases surge

The Mekong Delta provinces are scrambling to control an unexpected surge in community cases of COVID-19, with many showing unknown sources of infection.

Mekong Delta provinces face high risk of COVID-19 cases under “new normal”

The Mekong Delta provinces are faced with a high risk of COVID-19 infections with 1.6 per cent of people returning from pandemic hotspots testing positive for the virus after the provinces resumed production under the “new normal”.

Up to 840,000 children in Hanoi eligible for Covid shots

Hanoi City’s health authority has made a list of 680,000-840,000 children at 12 to 17 years of age eligible to receive Covid-19 vaccine shots, according to the Hanoi Center for Disease Control. 

COVID-19: Virus infections rise again in Vietnam

The number of people testing positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Vietnam has increased to 4,500 – 5,000 over the past few days compared to fewer than 4,000 recorded in the past week.

Hanoi regulates COVID-19 testing, monitoring, quarantine for returnees

Hanoi will only require testing for those who come from COVID-19-affected areas at level 4 (very high risk) and quarantine for people from the areas at level 3 (high risk), according to the city's Department of Health.

Safe cocoons protect children orphaned by Covid-19

Most of the 1,500 orphaned COVID-19 youngsters are living in families of freelance workers in HCM City. Without financial or spiritual assistance, the previously limited path to these children's future has become even more bleak. 

Triplets born early and raised with care when pandemic hits the peak

In late July this year, the Obstetrics Hospital of Can Tho City welcomed three very special deliveries.

HCM City relaxes further restrictions when at the level 2- medium pandemic risk

HCM City has been assessed as being at level 2, or medium risk of pandemic, in the four levels of risk under the Government’s Resolution 128.

Hanoi still faces high risks of COVID-19 outbreaks: expert

A senior medical expert has warned that even though social distancing regulations have been greatly eased in Hanoi, the capital city is still at risk of further COVID-19 outbreaks.

Vietnam spends nearly US$2 billion on COVID-19 fight

Vietnam spent VND45.6 trillion (nearly US$2 billion) from its budget on pandemic prevention and control and supporting people who face difficulties due to COVID-19, as of October 15, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Education Ministry issues set of safety criteria in COVID-19 prevention and control

The Ministry of Education has issued a set of safety criteria in COVID-19 prevention and control for all educational systems nationwide as a basis for deciding whether schools are allowed to open.

National Assembly Chair: Change the way of thinking about Covid-19 prevention and control

National Assembly Chair Vuong Dinh Hue said voters expect decisions on two important issues – how to prevent and control the pandemic in the time to come and how to recover socio-economic development.

HCM City: 859 under 16-year-old children treated for Covid-19

At present, a total of 11,409 patients are under treatment in HCM City, including 369 severe cases.

Fifty-five localities complete assessment of COVID-19 risk level

Fifty five cities and provinces across the country have completed their assessment COVID-19 risk levels as of October 20, following the new guidelines on safe adaption to the pandemic.

Nearly 2,100 children nationwide orphaned by COVID-19

As many as 2,093 children, including more than 1,500 in Ho Chi Minh City, have fallen victims to the latest COVID-19 outbreak after their parents died of the virus.

Ministries asked to facilitate exit, entry by Vietnamese, foreigners

Several ministries have been asked to facilitate Vietnamese people and foreigners’ exit from and entry into the country.