Beer United on August 24 brings people together and supports three NGOs. Photo coutersey by the organizers.



The event is organized by 7 Bridges Brewing in cooperation with the Da Nang Association of Victims of Agent Orange and Dioxin, Giving it Back to Kids, and Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance Let’s Do It Vietnam. 

Beer United was first organized in July 2018, by 7 Bridges and some home brewers, while 17 craft beer breweries from around the country will join this third event. The event brings many types of people together to try new beers and support the community and environment.

“We believe beer brings people together and builds community feeling. Beer United is a great platform to bring together all kinds of people from the community to support each other and give back to our community,” said Stanley Boots, 7 Bridges’ CEO.

7 Bridge Brewing Co. is supporting DAVA to make and sell their beautiful accessories from materials brought from Japan at the beer festival.

“They produce attractive and unique pieces that tourists will want to buy for their inherent aesthetic value,” said Boots. “All profits go directly to DAVA. This small fundraising yields a great profit to the children beyond money - it also gives them ownership and dignity.”

Giving it Back to Kids is an NGO dedicated to helping orphanages, abused women, and single parents through medical care, education, and financial support and love. The 7 Bridges Brewing Co. and its partner breweries donate ticket proceeds from the beer festival to Giving it Back to Kids.

For Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance Let’s Do It Vietnam, the 7 Bridges Brewing Co. works on selling reusable and environmentally-favorable goods, to raise awareness of the dire ocean plastics problem facing us and future generations.

In addition to donations from the event to the three NGOs, each of these organizations has its own booth with information on their activities.

Quynh Khuyen