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Update news credit growth rate

VietNamNet Bridge - FE Credit and HD Saison have reported lower growth rates as they have had to settle problems arising after a hot development period.

What will banks do when their credit quotas run out?

Many banks have had credit growth rates near the ceiling set by the State Bank (SBV), which has warned that it will not consider lifting the rate ceiling for any bank.

Finance companies finding it difficult to attract foreign capital

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts say the legal framework for consumer financing is still not open enough, creating difficulties in attracting foreign capital.

VN Central Bank to inspect banks that pour money into real estate

The State Bank of Vietnam, in an effort to strictly control credit growth in the second half of the year, will take unscheduled inspection tours to banks that are pouring  money into the real estate sector. 

Bank loan interest rates high, though capital still flows to real estate

VietNamNet Bridge - A large part of capital is still going to non-priority sectors, including real estate.

Division in banking sector sharpens

VietNamNet Bridge - While some commercial banks report increased mobilized capital, other banks have had to raise deposit interest rates, demonstrating the divide in the banking sector, analysts say.

Foreign media call Vietnam a rising tiger

Despite Brexit and the US withdrawal from the TPP, which are expected to have adverse effects on Vietnam’s economy, foreign experts and investors still have a positive impression of the economy’s performance.

Banks recruit thousands of employees in 2017

Together with high profits of trillions of VND at the end of 2017, domestic commercial banks reportedly hired thousands of employees to boost their performances and seize new opportunities.

Consumer credit: nearly 47% of Vietnamese borrow money

VietNamNet Bridge - Around one out of every two Vietnamese borrows money on credit, according to StoxPlus. 

Banking sector cautious about monetary policy loosening

VietNamNet Bridge - Easing the lending interest rate further by 0.5 percent and obtaining a high credit growth rate of 21-22 percent as instructed by the PM will not be an easy task.

Low-interest bank loans expected at year-end

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts believe that banks at year-end will ease interest rates, which will make loans more accessible for businesses.

What’s happening in the retail banking market?

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese banks have reported high growth rates in retail banking in recent years. 

Banks’ irrecoverable debts see huge increase

The irrecoverable debts of 12 Vietnamese commercial banks by September 30, 2015 had reached VND23.522 trillion, which accounts for 65 percent of bad debts, representing a 15 percent increase from the 50 percent reported in mid-2015.

SBV asked to review the massive opening of banks in the past

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has been asked by electors from Long An province to reconsider or review the opening of a number of commercial banks there several years ago. A high bad debt ratio in recent years was the reason behind the request.


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Striving for 12 percent credit growth rate – what for?

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the State Bank repeatedly urges commercial banks to push up lending, economists believe there’s no need to strive for the 12 percent credit growth rate in 2013, if this brings risks.

Credit quotas make no more significance to banks

The State Bank of Vietnam has unexpected allocated the credit growth rate quotas to commercial banks. The disbursement for the national economy must not be higher than 12 percent in 2013.

NFSC say interest rates can be dumped further to 10 percent

NFSC has said he can see the possibility of slashing the ceiling deposit interest rate further to 7 percent, thus paving the way for the lending interest rate reduction to 10 percent per annum.

12 percent credit growth rate proves to be unattainable

Most commercial banks have reported the very slow outstanding loan growth, forecasting the 12 percent credit growth rate goal for 2013 is unfeasible.

Bad debt ratio decrease raises worry than joy

The State Bank of Vietnam has reported that the bad debt ratio has decreased sharply by 2.82 percent to six percent. However, analysts have looked dubiously at the figure