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Thousands rally in Kiev to protest autonomy plan for eastern Ukraine

Thousands of people gathered in Kiev’s main square on Sunday to protest against President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s deal with Moscow to grant autonomy to Ukraine’s pro-Russian rebel-held east as part of efforts to end a five-year conflict there.


Can Vietnam resist the global monetary crisis?

VietNamNet Bridge - Turkey, Argentina and other countries have recently witnessed their local currencies depreciating dramatically against dollars. How about Vietnam?

Shipping firms join forces to improve power

VietNamNet Bridge - The maritime shipping crisis has forced shipping firms worldwide to join alliances to improve their competitiveness. Such alliances have also been set up in Vietnam.

Is Hanjin to be followed by Vietnamese shipping firms?

Experts have warned that some Vietnamese shipping firms, incurring big debts, will soon follow Hanjin and file for bankruptcy. At least two – Vinashinlines and Falcon – have been following procedures to declare bankruptcy.

Shipping giant insolvency worries importers, exporters

VietNamNet Bridge - The bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping Global has surprised the world’s freight & forwarding market and caused alarm among Vietnamese goods owners.

Maritime transport slides into crisis

VietNamNet Bridge - The record low freight for both inland waterways transport and international routes has caused a crisis among shipping firms, big and small, state-owned and privately run.

Yemen conflict: Iran urges aid effort as Saudi air strikes end

Iran's foreign minister has called for "urgent humanitarian assistance" in Yemen after a Saudi-led coalition ended air strikes against Houthi rebels.


Ukraine crisis: Russia conditions unacceptable - Poroshenko

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said Russian conditions in ongoing negotiations in Belarus over the conflict in Ukraine are "unacceptable".

Progress in 'difficult' Ukraine talks, says Germany

 German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said four-way talks on the crisis in eastern Ukraine had been difficult, but they had made progress.

Ebola crisis vastly underestimated, says WHO

The scale of the Ebola outbreak appears to be "vastly underestimated", the UN's health agency says, as the death toll from the disease reaches 1,069.

Crisis meeting as Ebola death toll rises in West Africa

 The World Health Organization (WHO) is hosting an emergency meeting in Ghana on Wednesday on the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Human resources training for healthcare in trouble

 VietNamNet Bridge - The structure of the health sector is disturbed and it no longer fits the current situation (the half-subsidized health sector operating in the market economy).

The rich spend money on luxurious goods despite crisis

 VietNamNet Bridge – While most Vietnamese try to fasten their belt in the context of the economic recession, the rich still spend money like water on luxurious goods.

Greek parliament approves key public-sector job cuts

 Greek parliament approved early on Thursday a new austerity and reform bill which contains mass job cuts in the public sector in a key step to unlock further international bailout aid to the debt-laden country.

Investors more cautious with their money

The market is volatile and has potential risks, making investors to be increasingly cautious. Their top priority at present is probably not to “make money from money," but to preserve their capital - a negative signal for the economy.

Policy making on “euphoric effect”

According to economic experts, the current recession though not being recognized by any official document, comes to people everywhere. Some even said that we are falling into the "euphoric effect," even in the policymaking process.

Maintaining VAT tax incentives to support businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - Reasoning economic difficulty, the National Assembly on March 18 agreed not to reduce the number of groups of goods that are entitled to the value added tax rate (VAT) of 0% and 5%.

The bad debt panorama: hundreds of millions USD may be lost

International experts have warned that the bad debts, worth hundreds of trillions of dong would still be the big challenge for the Vietnam’s national economy for at least several years.

Music venues face losses in crisis

 VietNamNet Bridge – Music cafes and bars in HCM City have been badly affected by economic downturn and other problems, leaving local artists and promoters struggle to earn a living.  

Foreign capital flows out ‘cause investors’ hope exhausts

VietNamNet Bridge – Foreign businesses have withdrawn investment capital and stopped pouring money into the real estate market without any statements about the plans to come back to the market.