Update news curriculum

The curriculum will be streamlined in the second semester of the 2019-20 school year but will ensure students received fundamental knowledge.

Outdated textbooks lack latest knowledge about technology

VietNamNet Bridge - The unreasonable curriculum and outdated textbooks have left students unknowledgeable about technology. 

Packed curriculum overwhelms first-graders

 VietNamNet Bridge – Parents and primary school teachers all complain that the current curriculum is too extensive for first graders, who must adapt to a new school environment.

Environmental protection to be taught in schools

 VietNamNet Bridge – From 2014, environment protection contents will be added into curriculums of all schools throughout the country.

Vietnam’s educational technology produces many bad products

Despite the big budgets and the heavy investment, Vietnam’s education still churns out many error products.

Primary schools get overloaded because of “golden pigs”

Parents have been warned that it would be very difficult to enroll in primary schools this year because of the sharp increase in the number of students to begin going to school.

Number of pedagogical schools on the rise, training quality on the decrease

A lot of schools enroll students for pedagogical training majors, but not all of them can produce qualified teachers.

Historian says Vietnamese students don’t keep nonchalant to Vietnamese history

Duong Trung Quoc, a well-known Vietnamese historian, after watching the clip “Vietnam, hinh hai mot chu S”, has affirmed that Vietnamese students do not keep indifferent to Vietnamese history as previously thought.

“Business” would be an optional subject at general school

Deputy Minister of Education and Training--Nguyen Vinh Hien on January 8, 2013, said the ministry is considering to add “business” into the general school curriculum after 2015.