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Cybersecurity is not optional

In recommendations to agencies, institutions and businesses on information security, the Authority of Information Security (AIS) said that under the law, cybersecurity is not optional but necessary in today's risky environment

Sale of users’ information booms in retail sector

Of the 24 cases of systematic and sensitive data leakage reported so far this year, 19 cases were related to the retail sector.

Vietnam ranks first in Asia in scam calls, messages

Eight percent of polled internet users in Vietnam said they regularly receive scam calls, and 57.5 percent receive scam messages.

SOS: children face cyberbullying, but parents don’t know what to do

While cyber bullying is becoming more common at schools, students are finding it difficult to seek support from teachers or their parents.

BKAV warns of serious flaw in BIG-IP in Vietnam

The security vulnerability CVE-2023-46747 exists in F5 Networks' BIG-IP product, allowing attackers to go through the authentication mechanism and abuse the Traffic Management User Interface (TMUI) to execute remote code.

More than 95% of phishing attacks target the banking and finance sectors

Online phishing attacks continue to increase in many sophisticated forms. Most scammers target financial institutions and banks.

Vietnam to participate in multi-national cyber security drills

Vietnam is set to join 15 other countries in performing maneuvers for cyber security incidence responses at the 2023 ASEAN Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTS) Incident Drills (ACID) on October 18-19.

Cybersecurity threats on the rise in Vietnam's SMB sector: reports

There was a huge jump in the number of threats targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in Vietnam in the first half of the year, global cybersecurity and digital privacy company Kaspersky has said.

Bkav warns of quick spreading of virus with regeneration ability

Bkav yesterday released a warning about a dangerous virus taking advantage of the standard svchost.exe process on a computer to deeply penetrate the system and regenerate itself. In August only, nearly 96,000 computers were infected with it.

Businesses warned about using damaged software

T, the owner of a business recently posted a comment on his Facebook page, complaining that computers at his enterprises "were infected with a botnet" which had caused severe damage to his business.

Attacks on IoT devices as one of four main trends in cyberattacks

The global cybersecurity company Kaspersky and AIS under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) jointly held a workshop for technical exchange and thought leadership.

Telegram fake scams appear in Vietnam

CyRadar Information Security Co. informed that many Vietnamese Internet users were tricked to visit a fake Telegram site and have their account data stolen.

Online security for kids: Parents play key role in education

Experts advise that parents should partner and educate children with proper skills, so that kids can both enjoy the benefits as well as avoid risks while browsing the internet.

Experts warn personal data leaks with animated image editing photo apps

Cybersecurity experts have warned of the risks of personal data leaks after a surge in sharing photos on an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create animated images for entertainment.

Bkav's warning: New malware steals Facebook business accounts

Cybersecurity firm BKAV warned of the new malware that has been stealing Facebook business accounts.

Ransomware remains serious threat to businesses

Fortinet’s experts point out that if ramsomware attacks are not handled in a timely manner, they could cause serious consequences to businesses.

Hackers exploit flaws in popular IT products

Viettel Cyber Security (VCS) experts have warned that hackers in the second half of the year will continue to exploit serious security vulnerabilities in popular IT products and services such as mail servers and workflow management platforms.

Vietnamese warned they lack parenting skills due to generation gap

Preventing toxic content being seen by small children is a difficult task which needs the cooperation of many parties, including parents, schools and social organizations.

Data leak may have originated from large warehouse

While many analysts believe that data might have leaked from the three major mobile network operators, a developer in Hanoi said that such a large-scale information leakage must be from a very large store.

Information about subscribers, residential addresses on sale on Telegram

Information about subscribers of MobiFone, VinaPhone and Viettel, the three largest mobile network operators in Vietnam, have been up for sale via an automatic bot on Telegram.