Update news cybersecurity

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has ratified the national cyber security strategy in response to cyberspace challenges till 2025 with a vision towards 2030.

Vietnam Security Summit 2022 held in Hanoi

The Vietnam Security Summit 2022 opened in Hanoi on June 23 with three thematic sessions.

White-hat hacker Ngo Minh Hieu honored by Apple

Ngo Minh Hieu, or Hieupc, has been recognized as one of the security experts who has contributed to Apple’s development.

Vietnam Authority warns about serious security holes in Microsoft products

The Authority of Information Security under Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications on June 16 warned about serious security holes in Microsoft products announced in June.

VN experts win at world's leading cyberattack contest for three consecutive years

Pwn2Own, the world's leading cyberattack competition, has announced that two security experts from the Viettel Cyber Security Company are the winners at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022.

Vietnamese bank accounts targeted by hackers

Hackers recently used thousands of fake websites to deceive Vietnamese users and appropriate their bank and Facebook accounts.

Former hacker, community help Vietnamese fight scams on Telegram

A Telegram channel created by Hieupc, a former well-known hacker, fights against phishing and cyber scams.

Vietnam intensifies fight against law violations, crimes in internet environment

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has issued a plan to enhance the capacity of relevant agencies in supervision, inspection, handling of administrative violations and the prevention and combat of law violations and cyber crimes.

Cyber-attacks in Vietnam decrease sharply in 2021

Kaspersky data shows that the number of online and offline attacks in Vietnam decreased sharply in 2021 compared to the previous year, which indicated Vietnam's efforts in creating a safe cyberspace.

Police nab online crime ring after lengthy investigation

Police have discovered large high-tech crime rings after analyzing a forest of information, including the mass opening of many bank accounts.

Small and medium-sized enterprises approach cyber-secure future

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should strive to build better cybersecurity infrastructure, capabilities and culture.

Cyberattacks: from jokes to crimes

Many young people see attacking a website or a system as a joke. But when they have to be involved in legal procedures, they realize the seriousness of the acts, but it is too late.

Many Vietnam firms use outdated cybersecurity technology

Experts from Cisco said that companies in Vietnam need to refresh their network security infrastructure technologies and solutions as many businesses are using outdated systems.

Data of millions of Vietnamese investors on virtual currency app leaked

A hacker has offered for sale the data of millions of users of ONUS - one of the most popular cryptocurrency investment applications developed by Vietnamese.

Cyberattacks are similar to terrorism

Many hackers conduct cyberattacks just to show their abilities and do not think that the cyberattacks will put them behind bars.


Ministry discovers 30 cases of disclosure of State secrets in 2021

After inspecting 26 local agencies and units, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) this year discovered 30 information disclosure cases with 202 documents, and found many serious security vulnerabilities.

Heavy sanctions needed to prevent illegal trade of personal data

The personal data of many Vietnamese users is being illegally appropriated and even traded in the cyberspace.

Malware threatens businesses in digital age

The digital economy has more opportunity for cyberattacks, especially from ransomware. The more businesses and users use technology online, the more opportunities hackers have to expand their attacks.

Sovereignty over cyberspace an important part of national sovereignty: official

Ensuring sovereignty in cyberspace helps to protect national sovereignty, said head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Information and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia.

Former well-known hacker to publish autobiography

Ngo Minh Hieu, or Hieupc, who once operated a massive international hacking and identity theft scheme, has revealed that he will publish a book about his life, especially the time in jail in the US.