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Corporations, SMEs face ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are expanding in Vietnam, targeting both large corporations small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with ransom demands of tens of millions of dong, according to VSEC (Vietnam Network Security JSC).

Impersonation scams flourish online, become more sophisticated

In its bulletins about online scams released recently, the Authority of Information Security (AIS) has repeatedly warned about impersonation scams. The bulletin for June 10-16 showed the most common types of fraud.

Cybersecurity experts warn of increased attacks post vulnerability discoveries

Hackers are increasingly exploiting newly disclosed vulnerabilities at an accelerated pace, heightening cybersecurity risks for agencies and organizations worldwide.

Ban proposed on sale of security cameras with no clear origin

State agencies and experts have proposed imposing a ban on sales of security cameras with no clear origin.

6th Vietnam Security Summit held in Hanoi

The Vietnam Security Summit 2024 was held in Hanoi on May 30 by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC)’ Authority of Information Security (AIS) and the IEC Group.

Cybersecurity regulations for surveillance cameras to be proposed

National technical regulations, not just recommendations, on basic network information security requirements for surveillance cameras are expected to emerge this year.

Many banking apps can’t ensure safety for users: report

Many commercial banks have been unable to pass the test for a user protection scheme. More than 21 percent of banking apps lack protection schemes, or have schemes that can be easily overcome by hackers.

Experts warn about surveillance cameras with servers located abroad

The popularity of imported surveillance cameras that are set up in Vietnam but have their servers located overseas poses risks to Vietnamese users.

Sensitive data from home surveillance cameras for sale on Telegram

Since 2021, sensitive data from surveillance cameras installed at homes, shops and spas have been for sale on the Telegram app.

Citizens warned of potential dangers when installing monitoring cameras

Thanks to their cheapness and easy installation, monitoring cameras have become a favorite choice of many families to increase security. Yet these tools possess certain risks of revealing confidential information if not properly set up.

Vietnamese users report losses of more than $12.24 million due to online fraud

Nearly 17,500 online fraud cases targeting Vietnamese internet users have been reported on the information security warning portal operated by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

Free anti-phishing software provided from H2

Vietnam will provide free anti-phishing software for its people from July, heard a workshop on preventing cyber fraud held by the National Cybersecurity Association on May 13.

Make-in-Vietnam cybersecurity solutions satisfy 90% of demand

Experts believe that Vietnam’s solutions can partially replace foreign solutions, especially in fields that set high requirements on national security.

New regulation to ensure safety for online cross-border transactions

The NEAC (National Electronic Authentication Center) says the new regulation on foreign electronic signature recognition will contribute to a reliable service ecosystem, promoting trade and ensuring safety for online cross-border transactions.

Authority asks for strengthened cyber information security protection

The Authority of Information Safety has asked information security units of agencies, organisations and businesses to roll out drastic measures to ensure safety for information systems under their management.

VN discovers hundreds of organizations, individuals involved in data trading

A report on assessing the impact of a proposed personal-data protection law shows that data trading, leakage, and collection are rampant and difficult to control.

Community to keep women safe on cyberspace

If women do not know how to protect themselves, they will be at high risk of being abused in cyberspace, not only through fraud but also invasion of their privacy. Women and girls need to be informed and understand the ways to protect themselves.

Offline cyberthreats decreasing steadily in Vietnam

The number of users in Vietnam targeted by local threats significantly decreased between 2020 and 2023, according to Kaspersky Security Network.

Cybersecurity experts warn of double-extortion ransomware attacks

Double-extortion ransomware attacks are likely to be a major cyberattack trend this year. Experts have recommended vigilance over this type of malware during the Tet holiday and afterward.

Experts warn of attacks impersonating state agencies

In its report released lately, Viettel Cyber Security noted the strong rise of attacks by scammers who impersonate state officials and trick people out of money.