Skyscanner’s latest report on India’s travel landscape indicates that searches for Da Nang increased by 1141%, twice as much as the second-ranked city, Almaty of Kazakhstan.

The report revealed that Indian travelers are keen on short-haul destinations where they are able to relax on beaches. Among the most popular choices for Indian tourists is therefore Da Nang, with the central city being renowned for its pristine waters and pleasant temperatures.

Skyscanner also noted that Indian travelers consider food as the top factor at 71%. Elsewhere, weather at 65%, the cultural experience of the destination at 65%, shopping at 49%, historical sightseeing at 45%, and local food at 38% were also important.

Most notably, the central city is also famous for delicious fresh seafood and luxury restaurants which serve various different types of Halal Indian food.

When it comes to shopping, Han Market and Con Market are also the most popular destinations for Indian tourists to visit.

The nation welcomed 10 million international tourists during the first 10 months of the year, including 314,000 Indian visitors, according to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

The improved air links between the nation and India have made it easier for travelers of the two nations over recent times.

Source: VOV