Recent severe floods in Da Nang, triggered by Storm Sonca, has destroyed thousands of homes and caused more than VND1,486 billion in damage.

Lien Chieu District in Danang suffered the biggest loss of over VND578 billion, while Ngu Hanh Son District faced the least serious one at VND17 billion.

Other districts reported severe damages worth billions of dongs, including VND250 billion in Hoa Vang District, VND130 billion in Hai Chau District, VND180 billion in Cam Le and VND87 billion in Thanh Khe.

The widespread flooding inflicted economic damage worth around VND190 billion in the transportation sector, VND17 billion in the construction sector and VND10.8 billion in the health sector. The total damages in other sectors have yet to be fully reported.

Roughly 70,000 houses were flooded, with 27,328 houses in Lien Chieu District, 16,040 in Hoa Vang District, 12,012 in Hai Chau District and 12,009 houses in Cam Le District.

Torrential rains and severe flooding caused heavy damage to citizens’ properties, public transport infrastructure, warehouses and electricity substations, directly affecting daily life and production activities.

The local authorities have striven to restore everything to normal and repair the damage after the flooding.

Tons of garbage, mainly plastic bags, bottles and dry wood branches, cover Nguyen Tat Thanh beach in Thanh Khe and Lien Chieu districts.
In many places, the garbage layer is more than 30cm thick. 
Most of the rubbish was from nearby residential areas, including tree branches swept away by strong wind and heavy rains.

Ho Giap