VietNamNet Bridge – Many restaurants and shops in Da Nang are hanging the sign “Don’t accept RMB as payment” as many Chinese tourists did not use VND but only the Chinese yuan.


The sign in front of a tea shop in Da Nang.

Recently, traders in Da Nang were inconvenienced as many Chinese tourists paid for their goods and services by Chinese yuan.

"If we strongly refused to receive the yuan, then they paid us with VND,” said Ms. Lan, who owns a small stall at the Han Market.

On Phan Chu Trinh Street in Hai Chau District, musician Nguyen Duy Khoai also hung a small sign with the note “Danangese say no RMB” in Vietnamese, English and Chinese in front of his small tea shop, which is a destination of many foreign tourists.

"We welcome customers from many countries and we do not boycott any customer. However, customers have to pay by Vietnam dong, not Chinese yuan," Khoai said.

He said all customers paid him by Vietnam dong, except Chinese tourists. Khoai said they had VND in their pockets but they paid by yuan.

Last weekend, a group of Chinese tourists went to the TV Club to drink beer and they paid by yuan. "When our staff explained that we did not accept payment in yuan, they hesitated to pay by VND, with a very nasty attitude," said Mr. Thanh, an employee of TV Club.

Some traders in Con Market in downtown Da Nang said previously they had admitted the yuan because they did not understand the law. However, as it took time to exchange the yuan to the Vietnam dong, traders now only receive local currency.

An official of the Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade confirmed that under the Vietnam law, only the Vietnam dong is used in Vietnam. However, to sell their goods, some traders accepted foreign currencies.

Mr. Vo Minh, Director of the State Bank of Vietnam, Da Nang Branch, the city does not have any bank branches allowed to exchange the yuan into the Vietnamese currency. Chinese visitors violated the Vietnam law when they used the yuan in Vietnam.


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