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At the meeting, the representative of the Farmers' Association of Dak Lak province introduced the situation of the association's work and the farmers' movement, as well as potential of Dak Lak province.

Recently, the Dak Lak Farmers' Association has carried out a number of main activities such as: disseminating to members policies related to agriculture, farmers and rural areas; organizing activities to help local farmers develop production and consumption of agricultural products; coordinating with the local authorities to help farmers perform farming procedures meeting quality standards; guiding members and farmers to link production; building pilot models for farmers to learn how to do farm work…

Representatives of the Jeollabuk Provincial Farmers' Association introduced the natural conditions, agricultural strengths, and the operations of the Jeollabuk Provincial Farmers' Association. They also expressed attention about agricultural land management and support policies in agricultural production for farmers of the Dak Lak Provincial Farmers' Association. Through this trip, the Jeollabuk Provincial Farmers' Association wanted to learn about the operation of farmers' associations in Vietnam, thereby learning and applying appropriate methods in Jeollabuk.

The two sides exchanged information about the activities of the two associations and expressed their hope to have more opportunities to meet and learn about the production models and production linkage chains of the two provinces.

After the talks, the two sides visited good production and business models in the Dak Lak province.

Thanh Bình và nhóm PV, BTV