Medical staff give a COVID-19 vaccine to a pregnant woman at the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Hanoi. — VNA/VNS Photo Minh Quyet

Nguyen Truong Nam, deputy head of the health ministry’s information technology department, said mistakes in the vaccination information platform caused some public frustration, and worse, difficulties when they need to access these records as more localities are starting to relax restrictions for partially and fully vaccinated people.

It could be that when people look up their vaccine status on the national e-health app (Sổ sức khoẻ điện tử, available on both Android and iOS), some who have received the full two doses reported seeing only one or no shots given on their records, or even different statuses when accessing the records at different times. The app on Android for example is harshly reviewed, with complaints of bugs. 

Nam said that there had been a recent surge in users (due to more robust inoculation efforts in many localities in recent times as more vaccines arrived) so the synchronisation of information suffered temporary issues, leading to erroneous entries.

However, the official stressed that this was a temporary issue and the vaccinated person’s information is not lost on the system, and the developers had been asked to quickly ramp up the system’s processing capacity and review data protocols.

There could also be other causes such as staff at vaccination sites inputting wrong information or delays in updating records.

The health ministry said that as of September 20, with a total of nearly 35 million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered, there are still about two million shots “outside of the national COVID-19 platform”, or that have not been updated on the system, as many health institutions have not uploaded the vaccination records.

The health ministry is asking hospitals and provincial/municipal People’s Committees to direct relevant bodies to update the information, deploy the national vaccination platform, and take time to process complaints and requests for information correction from people.


If you have problems with vaccination status, people can access the national COVID-19 vaccine portal and give feedback at: https://tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn/portal/portal-report (available in Vietnamese and English).

On this page, you will be asked to provide mandatory information (full name, date of birth, gender, phone number, and ID/passport, addresses, etc.), select the issue you have, as well as the vaccine information as noted in your paper vaccination certificates (vaccine type, vaccine lot number, vaccination date, vaccination address), and attach a photo of the vaccine certificate, enter the Captcha code and hit submit feedback.


 Source: Vietnam News

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Nearly 3.5 million people receive COVID-19 vaccination certificates online

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Millions of people register for vaccinations via app

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