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VN transport sector seeks way to mitigate impacts of COVID-19

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The chaired a conference on February 27 to seek measures to counter difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Migrant works in IZs face difficulties in finding accommodation

Accommodation for low-income workers in industrial and economic zones (IZs and EZs) has become more scarce in the face of increasing demand.

More businesses will die if they’re forced to raise workers’ wages

Businesses have voiced their concern over the implementation of the new wage policy. Some of them said they would cut down the labor force to cut down expenses.

Banks focus on collecting debts, restrict disbursement

Unlike 2012, commercial banks now can easily mobilize capital from the public. However, the capital flow has got stuck, because banks cannot push up lending.

Tet bonus: the stories of the teachers in the lowland and highland

The teachers of some schools in HCM City receive VND6-20 million as Tet bonus. Meanwhile, the concept of “Tet bonus” remains unfamiliar to the teachers in the highland.

Businesses died in masses in 2012, but keep optimistic outlook for 2013

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese businesses, both state owned and non-state owned, suffered big difficulties in 2012.

Domestic aviation market still unattractive to airlines (part 3)

VietNamNet Bridge – The domestic aviation market has turned out to be not lucrative as thought.

In economic downturn, workers still expect high Tet bonuses

Garment, footwear and electronics enterprises plan to give to their workers the Tet bonuses valued at one or two-month salaries. Meanwhile, commercial banks, which always offered sky high Tet bonuses, still ponder on the Tet bonuses.

The stories about Tet gifts to workers

In general, the Tet gift to workers at the end of the year is money. However, in the current economic difficulties, bricks, rice, garments and telephone cards all can be the “Tet bonuses.”

The once well-known Vietnamese brands that fall into oblivion

It is quite a normal thing that a brand turns up and then disappears from the market. However, economists say the disappearance of a series of once well-known Vietnamese brands is really worrying.

Loss making businesses still listed in A-class group

VietNamNet Bridge – No one knows exactly about the actual business performance of state owned enterprises (SOEs), and no one has sufficient information enough to give early warnings to businesses.